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7 Best Office Apps For Android to Handle Documents in 2022

Office apps offer easier ways to create and edit office documents on Android, therefore we've handpicked some of the best office apps for Android to handle documents easily. You'll find different office apps listed in this article.

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Gone are those days when we always have to depend on using our PC to carry out office jobs like typing documents, creating stylesheets and even making presentations. These days, everything can be done with our Android device thanks to the numerous productivity apps out there.

There are different types of office apps out there and you’ll be getting to know the best office apps for Android devices here on NaijaKnowHow. With these apps, you can always handle any office documents on your Android device without sitting in front of your PC all day.

List of the Best Office Apps For Android to Handle Documents

Having an office app on your Android device will help you handle office documents or any kind of documents easily, with these apps you can edit and create any kind of documents, and you can also move these documents easily from your Android device to your PC and vice versa. So let’s see which of these apps you’ll need to install on your Android device to handle documents easily.

1.WPS Office ( Best Office App for Android)

Office Apps for Android

Without a doubt, WPS Office is the best office app for Android, it’s a very popular app with over 1.5 Billion downloads and over 3 Millions reviews. This app is working as an all-in-one office tool that’ll let you handle different documents like Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Forms, Cloud Storage, Online Editing, and Template library, you’ll find professionals using this app because it’s arguably the best out there.

One of the coolest features of WPS Office is that you can use this app when in online classrooms like Zoom Meetings, Google Classroom and so on. It’s a very powerful office app and it makes handling documents very easy on Android.

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2. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Officr for Android

When picking an app that’ll handle the creation of documents on your Android device, you can have one that’ll do the job of word, stylesheets and even presentation. You’ll surely need Microsoft Office and it does exactly what the computer version of Microsoft Office does. With this app installed on your Android device, you can edit and create any documents you want, it’s an app that’ll handle stylesheets perfectly and also allows you to create presentations.

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With Microsoft Office, you can also convert pictures and documents with the Office Lens feature, there are plenty of features to benefit from the Microsoft Office app, it’s one of the most used office apps on Android.

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3. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

Office Apps for Android

I could remember when I wanted to handle a PDF document on my Android device, I couldn’t get hold of any good PDF editor to handle the job for me, so I had to install Xodo on my Android device and so far it’s been one of the best PDF reader apps on Android. Xodo is a powerful office app that’ll let you read and edit PDF files, you can edit every detail in a PDF file with this app and it’s for free.

While it does have paid features, you can still enjoy some of its free features. With Xodo you can convert PDF files to Word, Powerpoint and even Excel format. You can also sync your files to Dropbox, Google Drive and also OneDrive.

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4. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word for Android

With Microsoft Word, you can edit and create documents on your Android device. You can handle all your office tasks on this app and it’s an app you can use anytime even when you’re not connected to the internet. With Microsoft Word, you can create, read, edit and share files easily. You can also view PDF files with this app, it is an office app you’ll need if you’re a writer or a project manager working on a project.

Microsoft Word is a great tool to create blog posts, news content and a lot more. You can use this app both online and offline, it’s one of the best office apps you can install on your Android device.

5. Polaris Office

Office Apps for Android

Polaris Office is a very popular office app with over 100M active users on Android, this is an office tool you can use to handle different types of documents on your Android device. This app handles Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even PDF formats from Adobe. You can edit and create documents easily and it also offers plenty of features you can use alongside its editor.

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Polaris Office supports different file formats and with this app, you can handle different documents having the following formats: DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, TXT, HWP, ODT, PDF and CSV format.

6. AndrOpen Office

AndrOpen Office

AndrOpen Office is an outstanding office app for carrying out different office tasks, you can edit any document you want on this app and it’s a perfect app for word processing. With AndrOpen Office you can edit math equations, you can also sketch drawings on this app and it supports more than 6 different document formats.

AndrOpen Office is a professional app you’ll need to have on your Android device if you’re looking for means to handle documents easily on your Android device. You can also back up your files to cloud drives and restore them anytime you want, AndrOpen Office is one of the best office apps for Android and it works perfectly.

AndrOpen Office
AndrOpen Office
Developer: Akikazu Yoshikawa
Price: Free

7. Google Drive

Google Drive for Android

Google Drive offers arguably one of the best ways to keep your office documents safe, if you’re always in the position of handling documents on different devices, then Google Drive will come in handy. With Google Drive you can back up your files and documents anyhow you want and even if you want to work in a cyber cafe, you easily access your documents and back them up once you’re done.

Google Drive also offers a built-in reader, you can read PDF, Stylesheet and even Word documents on Google Drive. It’s one of the best office apps for Android, you can never lose any important office documents provided that you’re backing them up on Google Drive.

Google Drive
Google Drive
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Conclusion (Office Apps for Android)

When it comes to handling office documents on Android, these are the best apps you can trust to do a great job for you. With these office apps installed on your Android device, you can edit and create documents and also share them with anyone easily.

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