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Oppo Also Works on Folding Smartphone

Not only Samsung and Royole come with foldable smartphones, but also Oppo wants to conquer a spot in this niche market.

The useful smartphone innovations sometimes seem to have come to an end. Huawei knew how to work out this way with the Mate 20 that can function as a wireless charger for other devices. At the same time, LG and Nokia seem to want to innovate by adding an exaggerated number of cameras to smartphones and then there are also the manufacturers who want to combine the flip phone with the smartphone, so you can reach the foldable touchscreen. Now it seems that the Chinese brand Oppo has also gotten air from the latter.

AndroidWorld heard from product manager Chuck Wang that Oppo knows that Samsung and Sony are working on a folding smartphone and that we can expect more news from Oppo about it, possibly at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February.

What Wang specifically meant by this is anything but clear. Oppo is clearly interested in foldable smartphones, but everything you’ve heard about the MWC is still guesswork. Chances are that Oppo will present a working prototype, although it can also only be a design or even an official announcement that such a device is in the making.

The foldable smartphone is in every way to come, that’s for sure. Google is already participating in this new trend and has already built support into Android for the new screens.

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