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How to Prepare for Microsoft 70-483 Exam in 4 Steps

Before attempting the Microsoft 70-483 exam, students should have an in-depth understanding of administering program flow and events; data validation and more. Keep reading to see the four important steps when preparing for Microsoft 70-483 Exam.

The Microsoft 70-483 certification exam is designed to evaluate your technical skills in the C# programming language. It is aimed at the developers with a minimum of one-year work experience in programming essential and business logic for different types of application, software platforms, and hardware, using C#. The test measures specific skills that the candidates are required to develop mastery in.

Before attempting the exam, the students should have an in-depth understanding of administering program flow and events; data validation & functioning with data collection such as LINQ; and asynchronous programming & threading. In addition to this, they should also develop competence in handling exceptions & errors; working with collections and arrays; working with operators, expressions, and variables; working with classes & techniques; and decision & iteration statements.

The certification exam is available in English, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, French, Portuguese (Brazil), and German. The test focuses on the Visual Studio 2017 technology and it leads to the award of the MCSA certificate. To write Microsoft 70-483, Programming in C#, the test takers are required to pay the exam fee of $165.

Microsoft 70-483 exam (Microsoft 70-483 Exam Dumps) measures the ability of the candidates to accomplish specific technical skills. It is very crucial that the examinees develop competence in these technical skills before attempting this certification test. These skills include Managing Program Flow (25%-30%); Creating and Using Types (25%-30%); Debugging Application and Implementing Security (25%-30%), and Implementing Data Access (25%-30%).

Preparation Tips

There are different options of preparation for the Microsoft 70-483 certification exam. These include instructor-led training, self-paced training, practice tests, book resources, study groups and forums. With the numerous resources available for the test, it may seem strange that many students still fail the exam. This goes to show that having such tools doesn’t guarantee success. It is what you do with the available study materials that make all the difference. In other words, you must know how to use resources available to you for effective exam preparation. How do you use available prep tools for Microsoft 70-483 exam preparation?

1. Understand the Exam Content

This is really a no-brainer but it is unfortunate that many test-takers don’t take time to go through the exam content before commencing their study. Before you take up any study materials, you should first study the exam content and understand it. Don’t review your content from a third-party site. Go directly to the official certification page to read the details of the exam content. Most times, third-party websites may not capture critical information about the test.

However, by going through the certification page, you are sure you are reading updated and correct information about the exam. Read the details of each of the topics and make notes on areas you are familiar with and flag those areas where you need to put more efforts to study. With these notes, you know the topics to pay close attention to and those that you are already familiar with. This will give you a fair idea of how much you need to study resources and the specific hands-on experience that will make up for the remaining areas.

2. Use Recommended Guide Books

Book resources are very critical to your exam preparation and you must be ready to invest in a couple of them. The good thing about study guides is that their usefulness is beyond the exam study. You can always refer to them at any point in time. Go through the official Microsoft certification page and review the recommended study tutorials for the Microsoft 70-483 exam. Some book resources that you might want to explore include:

These books are available through Amazon and they are some of the top resource guides you can find on this certification exam.

3. Take Training Courses

Training courses are an integral part of your preparation as they add an interesting dimension to the learning process. With a training course, you learn from the seasoned experts. This makes your learning experience very effective. This resource offers various tools and perspectives that ordinarily might not be available to you. The Microsoft Virtual Academy offers some training courses that enable you to explore the experts’ views on the exam contents.

In addition to this, you can also explore some other training platforms for your exam prep. Top websites that provide training video courses for the Microsoft 70-483 test include ExamSnap, PrepAway, Udemy, CBT Nuggets, Exam-Labs, and of course, the Microsoft Virtual Academy. You can check out these sites and review the training courses they have and choose the one that meets your learning style.

4. Take Practice Exam Questions

The 70-483 certification exam consists of different types of questions, such as multiple-choice, code restructure, drag and drop, and some more. It is therefore important that you take a lot of practice questions to understand the pattern of these question types before taking your real test. There are various training platforms that offer practice exam questions for Microsoft 70-483 that you can explore.

You might also want to check out sites that offer practice exam simulations for your practice experience. By using this, you get familiar with the real exam setting and questions, and you can easily build your test-taking skills and time management skills prior to the actual exam. The websites that provide practice simulations include PrepAway, ExamSnap, and Exam-Labs.

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Having done your best with preparation, the next thing is to relax and walk through the exam with absolute calmness. You should schedule your test for a time and date that is most convenient for you. On the day of the exam, arrive early and complete the pre-test formalities on time. When you are asked to start the exam, make sure that you follow the instructions carefully. Read the questions attentively before providing answers and don’t spend too much time on any question. If you don’t know a particular question, leave it and go over others, and come back to it later. Do your best in the exam and hope for the best.

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