Official Price & Where To Preorder TECNO Phantom 6 And 6 Plus In Nigeria

Get a list of places in Nigeria where you can preorder the Tecno Phantom 6 and 6 Plus. Also, check out the prices.


The TECNO Phantom  6 and 6 plus was recently launched in Dubai, it was indeed an elegant event that was duly represented by major countries in Africa. Right now, people have been requesting for the retail price and where they can buy or preorder the TECNO Phantom 6 and 6 Plus in Nigeria.

The Beauty and the Beast isn’t available for purchase from offline shopping malls like ShopRite, Slot, 3C Hub etc, Also, online malls like,,, etc are yet to make the phone available for purchase. Although, if you can’t wait to have these monster device, here is where and how you can preorder the TECNO Phantom 6 and 6 Plus Android device.

I’ve previously shared the true specification and features to expect from the Phantom 6 flagships, check out this post to see full specifications of TECNO P6 and TECNO P6+.

Price & Where To Preorder TECNO Phantom 6 And 6 Plus In Nigeria

Here is the official retail price and places where you can preorder the Phantom 6 and 6+ device here in Nigeria.


  • Price of TECNO Phantom 6: N88,000
  • Price of TECNO Phantom 6 Plus: N128,000



  • Slot HQ
  • Microstation HQ
  • 3C Hub
  • PTK Med Rd
  • Microstation VI
  • Slot VI
  • TECNO Exclusive Spectrum Alaba
  • TECNO Exclusive Spectrum Agege
  • TECNO Exclusive Phonestation Ibadan
  • TECNO Exclusive Yemcharles Akure
  • TECNO Exclusive Al-Arash Ibadan
  • TECNO Exclusive Maryland Mall

Port Harcourt

  • TECNO Exclusive Ezegold Aba
  • TECNO Exclusive Ezegold Bayelsa
  • TECNO Exclusive Omegatron Benin
  • Hytel Hq
  • Callus Miller
  • TECNO Exclusive Kashmir Umuahia
  • TECNO Exclusive Ezegold Uyo
  • Rewjido
  • TECNO Exclusive Eboka Warri


  • TECNO Exclusive Safari Zaria
  • TECNO Exclusive Limelight Kano
  • TECNO Exclusive Alada Kano


  • Celspac Communication
  • Givers Phone Abuja
  • Pointek Abuja 2


  • Fine Brothers Enugu
  • Gauranty Network Onitsha
  • Cema Communication

These are selected outlets where to preorder the Phantom 6 ans 6+, quickly dash there to place your order at once.

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