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How to Remove PalmPay Security Plugin on Android & iOS

With this article, you'll learn how to remove, deactivate or disable the PalmPay security plugin on your Android or iOS device.

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You might have looked for ways to remove PalmPay security plugin on your Android or iOS device and so far there’s no possible solution to that. While I’m not assuring you this method would work once you’ve started seeing the Okcard overdue watermark, this tutorial is for those who haven’t defaulted on their loans.

Until recently, most loan apps makes it nearly impossible to access loans and even when they do, the security plugin these apps have added to the trouble of using your smartphones when one defaults in payment. Several loan apps go the extra mile to make useless your device by encrypting watermarks and inaccessibility functions that only direct you to their app in an event of loan default.

PalmPay has a security plugin, and before you loan money from PalmPay, it’s okay to deactivate their security plugin once you’ve repaid your first loan. If you’re looking for ways to remove PalmPay security plugin on your Android or iOS device, you can follow the guidelines that are being provided here on NaijaKnowHow.

What is PalmPay Security Plugin?

The PalmPay security plugin is an encryption protocol that works with different devices IMEI and thereby gains access to lock one’s device without needing permission. This security plugin was implemented by PalmPay and it’s a way to make sure loan defaulters pay up their loan once the due date has arrived.

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However, this security plugin can only come up after you’ve defaulted on your loan and before you can default on your loan, you must have loaned or borrowed money from PalmPay. To avoid the PalmPay security plugin gaining access to your Android or iOS device, you must deactivate it once you’ve repaid your first loan.

How To Remove PalmPay Security Plugin On Android and iOS

Before taking loans from PalmPay, it is important you remove this security plugin from your Android device because even if you’re a day late on your loan repayment, the security plugin will make life hard due to its annoying watermarks that pops-up every time and also restricting you limited access on your Android or iOS device.

Removing the security plugin from PalmPay is pretty easy, and take note that you can only disable or deactivate the PalmPay security plugin once you’ve settled your first loan with them. Follow the steps below to learn more about removing the PalmPay security plugin on your mobile device.

Steps To Remove PalmPay Security Plugin On Android & iOS

  1. On your Android or iOS device, locate the PalmPay app and launch it right away. Once done, navigate to the finance section and then click on Okcard.
  2. Once you’ve gotten to the Okcard section, if you have an unpaid loan, you need to repay that loan first. You can tap the button that says repay loan now and once done, move to the next step.
  3. After repaying your PalmPay loan, go back to the Okcard and click on the icon that is located at the top-right corner of your screen (that is where the security plugin is located)
  4. After clicking the icon, you’ll see a button that says Deactivate Security Plugin. Click on that button and you’ll get a message that says you’ve successfully deactivated the PalmPay Security Plugin.
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Alternative Way To Remove PalmPay Security Plugin?

The method provided above is so far the best way you can get rid of the PalmPay security plugin, although there is another way you can bypass that, and while there are no steps involved. You only need to take your Android or iOS device to a phone engineer to help you reload your OS and if you’re lucky enough, the plugin will be removed and if not. The best option is to repay your loan.


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Whether you are an Android or an iPhone user, having those watermarks on your device can be so annoying and rather than letting it limit your access to a device you own, it’s better to pay up loans or avoid taking loans. Rather than taking loans, why not explore some of the Best Apps To Make Money Online?

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