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How To Reduce PDF File Size Online and Offline (2022)

Are you curious to learn how to reduce the file size of PDFs? Then here is a guide that explains how to reduce PDF files online and offline.

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In this guide on Naijaknowhow, two possibilities can be found to reduce PDF file size, both online and offline. Here, you will learn how to compress PDF files easily.

Every day, more and more files are stored and sent in PDF files. E-books, reports, and manuals all can be downloaded in a PDF format. The biggest ‘disadvantage’ of PDF files is that they display high-quality images making the sizes of PDF files become enormous. Now the images, in a manual or e-book, are of great importance, so deletion is certainly not an option. However, it is possible to compress a PDF file, reducing the overall file according to the set options.

If you’re among those tired of installing one more app, then here is the article you’ve been looking for. This reveals to you how to reduce the sizes of your PDFs without having to rely on PDF compression apps on your mobile devices. Let’s delve right in!

How To Compress PDF File Size Offline with Free PDF Compressor

How To Reduce PDF File Size Using Free PDF Compressor
Free PDF Compressor is easy to download via the green button with ‘Download Mirror’.

The first option to reduce a PDF file size works through an offline method. The program that will be used for this is called Free PDF Compressor and is perhaps the easiest program available to quickly reduce a PDF file.

  • To download the file, navigate via your web browser to http://www.freepdfcompressor.com/, and click on the GREEN BUTTON to get the file. Then you execute the program and leave the START FREE PDF COMPRESSOR at the last step. We will return to the next step.
  • If the program has been installed and is also open, the following steps are very easy to implement.
  • First of all, by clicking on BROWSE, you select the PDF file to be reduced. Once it is loaded, you can still choose another folder to save the file – by default, it will be in the same folder where the original is located.
  • Under SETTINGS you select image quality, EBOOK should be sufficient for most situations. If you click on COMPRESS at the bottom, the program will be ready in a few minutes and the new file can be used immediately.
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How To Reduce PDF File Size Online with SmallPDF

How To Reduce PDF File Size Using SmallPDF
A few minutes after uploading, the smaller file at SmallPDF is ready to be downloaded immediately.
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Don’t want to install a program again to perform a simple reduction of a PDF file? After the Free PDF Compressor from the previous steps, SmallPDF is an online application that might make it easier and faster to shrink a PDF file.

  • To reduce a file via SmallPDF, you first have to go to https://smallpdf.com/compress-pdf.
  • Once you have arrived at the website, click on CHOOSE FILE, and a window opens that allows you to select the file to be scaled down. Then confirm your option by clicking OPEN.
  • Once the file has been uploaded, give the website more than a few minutes to compress it. Then the smaller file can be downloaded directly with the button on the left. The website also gives you the option to upload the file to Google Drive and Dropbox, should that be your preference.
  • You can also convert a file to the jpg file format via the website. Finally, the website gives you the option to make minor adjustments to the document, unfortunately, it becomes a bit laggy when working with a file of about 120 pages.


That completes our article on how to reduce or compress PDF file size without having to install any app or software. There are a ton of other websites that offers similar services online and offline, we’d appreciate your input by sharing them via the comment box below. That said, you may want to check out other relevant PDF-related articles below.

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