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How To Make Money on PalmPay App (4 Methods) in 2023

PalmPay offers different ways to make money aside from being a digital banking app. This article contains the 4 methods to make money on PalmPay.

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How to make money on PalmPay app is the new deal for almost every PalmPay user and if you have no idea about this, then you’re definitely missing out on PalmPay freebies.

Making money online has never been easy though, but with the right information, applications and platform, the sky is the starting point to how much one can make online. Among such avenues to generate passive income, PalmPay is top on the list among the many platforms. Aside from being a fintech company, the platform is also known to put a smile on the faces of its subscribers by making them smile at the bank whenever the app is used.

In today’s article on NaijaKnowHow, you’ll learn about the 4 methods to make money on PalmPay app. This has been what a few PalmPay users that I know use in making money and it still works.

While many money-making companies are known for either having you make or reach certain criteria before you can make withdrawals or even use your earnings, PalmPay unlike the rest offers an almost instant usage of whatever money is earned on its platform.

About PalmPay

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PalmPay is a fintech application that carries out online financial transactions and other utilities. These include: making payments, buying airtime, money transfer and sometimes granting short-term loans. PalmPay can also be regarded as a digital banking app and it’s one of the best out there.

Unlike most conventional fintech platform, PalmPay features endear many to its app as it not only gives users the ability to make a payment but also allow them to make money while they carry out any transaction.

4 Methods To To Make Money on PalmPay App

If you’ve been wondering how can you make money on PalmPay app as a user, well it’s quite simple and while there are no steps to be taken under this, only the methods will be highlighted and it’s up to you to act on it.

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All the highlighted methods are on the PalmPay app and sometimes users do get notified to claim the offers that are being presented to them. But before you can earn on PalmPay, you must have been a registered user, and if you’re not. Here’s How To Open A PalmPay Account in Nigeria.

Method 1: Rewards on Transactions

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Palmpay Rewards on Transactions

One of the methods to make money on PalmPay app is when you make financial transactions with the app. Be it sending money, receiving money, making withdrawals or even buying stuff on the app purchase dashboard, users earn points which can be converted to cash.

For every transaction made, users earn palmprints. A palm point is a  reward given to users which is equivalent to #1 in cash value, the more of a transaction made, the more points earned. This point would then be converted to cash which you could use in buying stuff or withdrawing alongside your normal cash balance on the app.

Method 2: Earning Through Invites

make money on Palmpay app

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Referrals, affiliates, networking whatever you call it. Earning through invites is another way to make money through PalmPay. Here’s how it works:

When you invite your friends or family using your invite link on the app dashboard, PalmPay pays you for every successful download and usage of the app that your invites make through your link.

PalmPay reward on referrals goes this way, you’ll get a token of N250 for every successful referral and the good thing is that you’ll need to complete 5 referrals and once that is done, you can withdraw nothing as low as N2000 or more from your PalmPay account. Referrals on PalmPay are one of the coolest ways to make money on PalmPay app.

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Method 3: Bonus on Top-up

PalmPay grants you the honour of earning up to a 100point weekly for having a required top-up balance on its app. For every N1000, you fund your PalmPay wallet with, you stand a chance to earn 100 nairas free weekly. This extra cash could be used to buy in-app purchases or added to your account balance which can be withdrawn whenever you choose.

It should be noted that this extra point is given only once a week regardless of how much you deposit In your palm pay wallet. All you just need to do is to make a deposit and watch your account grow weekly.

Method 4: Promotion

Once in a while, PalmPay gets to run promos and competitions where the reward is cash. Users of the app could seize such an opportunity to make some extra bucks for themselves.

In 2021, there ran a short skit challenge with then in partnership with Vskit where users show their reaction when they are paid after carrying out transactions with their app. #rewardingsideoflifechallenge.

The rewards ranged from earning up to 500 points to getting discounts on certain deals and some free tech gadgets and accessories. Rumour has it that another promo from them is due in November(a Christmas promo).


There you have it, that concludes our article on four ways to make money on PalmPay app. From using the app, earning through invites, and gaining from funding your account (top-ups) and their promotions, the floor is yours for the dance. Allow this year’s end on a good note for you by following these methods in adding to your piggy bank.

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