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Send A Fax Online Via Email By Google Fax Services

Fax is considered a safe and reliable mode of conveying sensitive information. How to send a fax via email by CocoFax.

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Fax is considered a safe and reliable mode of conveying sensitive information. If you are from the intelligence bureau and has to perform espionage, faxing is the best option to do that. It is true that email is the most used and hassle-free mode of conveying information but now many insightful people know that in order to convey secret information fax is superior to email.

Conventional ways of faxing are not considered that safe in these times of modern technology because if someone is interfering with telephone lines he can easily divulge the information, so better ways of faxing are being adopted.

Email faxing has preserved the security system of faxing and has added the speed, reliability and on the go features of its own to the faxing service.

How is it possible to send a fax via email?

You cannot send a fax directly via email to make it possible you have to install the software. That online faxing service then converts the analog signals into digital signals. You can practically send a fax from any device with an internet connection be it your smartphone, laptop or PC.

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Some online faxing services you can use for free for a certain time period. For sending and receiving the fax you need a fax number. Now you don’t have to call the telephone interpreter to get that number. Online fax services provide you with a fax number online free of cost. You can work without papers, telephone lines and staining your hands with ink.

CocoFax- sends fax online by email.

CocoFax has established itself as the world-leading online fax service. It is economical, user friendly and trustworthy. CocoFax can send and receive faxes by using fax by email Google products like email and Google drive.

CocoFax is associated with Gmail accounts and like you send a Gmail you can send the fax from the Gmail account in the same way. Minor difference is present between them which you will learn in this article. CocoFax has been featured by The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, and Tom’s Guide.

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CocoFax converts the digital files into analog signals and sends the bits of binary digits down the telephone lines. You just need a Gmail account, a device with an internet connection and CocoFax account with fax number and are ready to fax anytime.

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Features provided by the CocoFax:

CocoFax provides free services for one month. You can get the customized fax number from CocoFax and can retain the previous fax number if you want. You have to pay a few dimes after one month.

With CocoFax you can save time by sending multiple files at the same time. CocoFax supports many formats, not just PDF.  There is no need to keep your device on you won’t miss any fax now.


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CocoFax provides 24/7, encrypted and instant faxing service. You can use it on any platform. Not only can you send faxes you can receive the faxes too from around the world.

How to send a fax via email by CocoFax:

Sending a fax via email is not complicated at all. This article will explain all the steps you have to follow to send any fax both nationally and internationally.

Stepwise guidelines

Step 1: go to the CocoFax official site and click on the one-month free trial.  From there you will be directed to the new window. There you have to choose the fax number. a variety of fax numbers are available. You can have a toll free number, local fax number or vanity number of your convenience.


Next step is to enter the personal information and the email address of your email account. You will receive the faxes on this address and you can send faxes from this email account.


Step 2: After signing up go to the email account. Here you can see the ‘compose new email’ option in the top left corner. Click on that if you want to send the new fax.

Step 3: After clicking on that a new window with multiple fields will appear. Make sure to fill in the mandatory fields.

  • To field: In this field, you enter the email address of the recipient while sending the email but now you have to enter the fax number of the recipient. The only difference is that you have to enter a fax number followed by @cocofax.com. For example, if the fax number is 123456 you will enter [email protected]  
  • Subject field: this field is not compulsory to fill in. you can enter the title of fax here.
  • Email body: this will become the cover page of the fax. You can compose a little text here as a short message to the recipient or the overview of the fax.
  • Attachment: if the documents you want to send are in hardcopy you can convert them into softcopy by scanning them with a scanner or by taking pictures. After that, you just have to attach them here. You can attach multiple documents of different formats.
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Step 4: After you are done with composing the fax, you can review the fax to add or delete anything. The final step is to hit the ‘send’ button.

send fax with cocofax

You will receive the confirmatory email in your inbox on the successful delivery of the fax to the recipient. If there is any delay in the process the problem could be with the recipient fax machine or the line could be busy. Recheck your fax number and try to send it again. If the recipient is also using CocoFax such problems are least likely to happen.

Receive the fax via email by CocoFax:

Receiving the fax is automatic. CocoFax will receive the fax, convert it into a pdf file and send it to your inbox. CocoFax keeps the record of all the faxes sent and received. You will get an email to let you know about the new fax. You can read them and keep them safe for the life of your account.

receive fax to gmail


Now email to fax and fax to email service has made faxing the convenient and instant mode of sending and receiving the fax. You can use it anytime from any platform. CocoFax with its fine features provides you user-friendly and economical services. After trying it for once you will prefer CocoFax over all the options because it has made faxing fun.

cocofax other features


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