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Best Synergy Alternatives for PC (Windows/Mac) in 2023

Looking for the best multi-monitor software like Synergy for Windows and macOS? Here's a list of the best Synergy alternatives for PC.

Knowing the best Synergy alternatives for PC can help in multiple ways. If you’re the type who uses multiple monitors to work, then you’ll know the purpose of mouse sharing apps like Synergy. When it comes to sharing mouse and keyboard between multiple monitors. There’s no built-in trick that’ll make that happen and it’s quite different from screen mirroring.

Synergy is a very popular app that’ll let you share a single mouse and keyboard with multiple computers. This software acts as a hybrid between different computers and it’s one of the best out there. In a similar scenario, we have the best SpaceDesk alternatives for screen mirroring. At the same time, there are other alternatives like ShareMouse and so on.

In this article you’re reading on NaijaKnowHow, we’ve handpicked the best Synergy alternatives for PC. With this compilation, you’ll be able to know the best mouse and keyboard sharing apps like Synergy. Whether you’re a Windows user or a MacOS user, these apps will work perfectly on your PC.

List of The Best Synergy Alternatives for PC

With no doubt, Synergy is a great tool and it is widely used by a lot of industries. If you have the feeling that it doesn’t serve you so well. You might want to consider some of the alternatives that have been curated below. Whether you’re looking for an open-source alternative or something quite advanced than Synergy. The list of options below offers extraordinary features and they’re easy to set up.

1. ShareMouse

Synergy alternatives for PC

Due to its cross-platform support, ShareMouse has been a great mouse and keyboard sharing tool. ShareMouse is a software application that allows you to share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers, enabling seamless control and interaction across different devices. What ShareMouse does is that it helps you reduce the stress of multiple mouse and keyboards. This is quite essential for those using multiple monitors or computers. There are tons of features on ShareMouse and they’re one of the reasons why ShareMouse is such a popular mouse and keyboard sharing tool. In terms of secure connection, ShareMouse has one of the best secure connections between computers.

When controlling more than one computer at once with ShareMouse, everything can be done easily. Despite how well ShareMouse does work, it actually has some downsides. One of the downsides is that it has a single-user limitation. This tool is specifically designed for a single-user environment and that’s what makes it different. The cost of acquiring also adds to the downsides of ShareMouse.

2. Mouse without Borders

Synergy alternatives for PC

Mouse without Borders has been a very popular tool amongst Windows users. Whether you have multiple computers running Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11. With Mouse without Borders, you can have a single mouse and keyboard shared between them. Mouse without Borders allows users to control up to four computers from a single mouse and keyboard setup. You can seamlessly move the mouse cursor between screens and type on different computers without the need for additional input devices. Using this tool also makes it easy to share files between computers. It has a cool drag-and-drop feature that’ll let you transfer files between connected computers by simply dragging and dropping them from one desktop to another.

Setting up Mouse without Borders is actually very simple and it is a free tool. The only downside to using Mouse without Borders is that it works for Windows users only. You’ll love everything about Mouse without Borders. It also has a clipboard-sharing feature, which will let you copy and paste anything from one computer to another. There are only a few mouse and keyboard sharing software that works like Synergy and Mouse without Borders is one of them.

3. Input Director

Synergy alternatives for PC

Input Director has been one of the best Synergy alternatives for PC over the years. So far, it has made sharing mouse and keyboard quite easy amongst multiple computers. Basically, you don’t have to be on multiple mouse and keyboards. With Input Director, you can have all control at one spot and on a single input device. You’ll love Input Director because it has a friendly drag-and-drop interface like Mouse without Borders. One of the best users of Input Director are gamers and that’s because it is gaming focused. You’ll find this tool a bit different due to certain changes in how it works. When connected to multiple computers are connected via Input Director, you can have them managed on a single screen.

Another reason why you’ll love Input Director is that you can have all screens display the same wallpaper or task. Connections on Input Director are secured and also easy to establish. Even if you want to control 3 computers while using 9 screens, it is possible with Input Director. If you’re looking for something that works quite better than Synergy, you can consider Input Director as an alternative.

4. UltraMon


UltraMon is one of the finest alternatives to Synergy, it is used by gamers, content creators, programmers and other professionals. With UltraMon, you’ll be able to manage and optimize multi-monitor establishment. The software comes with a lot of features and it’s arguably one of the best out there. UltraMon comes with customizable display settings compared to others. It offers advanced display settings, such as screen resolutions, colour profiles, refresh rates, and orientation options. Users can easily configure these settings for each individual monitor or create profiles for different configurations. It also allows users to move windows and applications between monitors easily. Another feature of UltraMon is a combination of hotkeys.

With the available hotkeys from UltraMon, you can easily centre the mouse on a primary monitor. You can also run applications or scripts easily, there’s a lot of hotkeys to explore. Taskbar can be extended with UltraMon and it also supports different applications. You can consider UltraMon as a great choice ahead of Synergy. It is one of the best mouse and keyboard sharing software out there.

5. Dual Monitor Tools

Dual Monitor Tools

Another tool on the list that can be considered one of the best Synergy alternatives for PC is Dual Monitor Tools. If you’re looking for a free and open-source tool that’ll let you control multiple screens at once. You can take Dual Monitor Tools as a great option, it has cool features and is also very easy to use. Despite being a free tool, Dual Monitor Tools has features that most advanced tools like Synergy don’t have. While using Dual Monitor Tools, you can swap screens, users can also enable or disable secondary monitors easily via DisMon. You can make all screens appear the same way or change completely from one another.

Dual Monitor Tools make it easy for dual-monitor management, the software has a friendly interface. The whole configuration process on Dual Monitor Stools goes smoothly and they’re always secured. Other features users can enjoy are dual launcher, dual snap and dual wallpaper change. If you’re considering cross-platform compatibility, it’s not the case with Dual Monitor Tools. Only Windows users can use Dual Monitor Tools and it works for all versions of Windows.

6. DisplayFusion

Synergy alternatives for PC

DisplayFusion is one of the best Synergy alternatives for PC. This is one of the tools that make handling multi-monitor easy. Whether you want to manage more than 5 screens at once, DisplayFusion has strong management features. Users can set different wallpapers for each monitor or span a single image across multiple screens. DisplayFusion provides options for image positioning, scaling, and alignment. DisplayFusion allows users to create and manage monitor profiles, which are pre-configured settings for different multi-monitor setups. Users can switch between profiles quickly, adjusting settings such as resolution, refresh rate, and orientation.

An outstanding feature of DisplayFusion is the remote control feature. If you have an Android or iOS device, you can control monitors from your smartphone. Users can also create scripts to automate tasks on DisplayFusion. If you’re looking for one of the best Synergy alternatives for PC, DisplayFusion is a great option.

7. AquaSnap


AquaSnap is another similar tool to Synergy for PC users. If you want to enhance and organize different monitors at once, AquaSnap is a great choice on the list. Whether you’re always multitasking or you want to display content on different screens. You can consider AquaSnap as a great choice. Similar to the above-listed options, AquaSnap does come with a lot of features. Some of the features include window snapping, window tiling and so on. AquaSnap provides keyboard shortcuts for common window management actions, such as maximizing, minimizing, resizing, and moving windows

Window stretching and resizing are other outstanding features of AquaSnap. Users can drag and stretch any edge or corner. All the simplicity of AquaSnap has been one of the reasons why it’s one of the best Synergy alternatives for PC. AquaSnap is a Windows-based tool and it works well for most Windows users. Configuration and connection security are top-notch with AquaSnap. Even if you’re not familiar with the interface, there’s a short tutorial you can follow on the first launch.


In conclusion, these are the best Synergy alternatives for PC. With these tools, you can share mouse and keyboard easily. The above-listed alternatives all have different features but they work similarly. So if you’re looking for a multi-monitor tool that works like Synergy, they’ve been curated above.

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