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6 Things You Should Not Do With Your Phone In Public Buses, Okada, Keke Etc

Post highlights 6 things you should not do with your phone in public buses, Okada, Keke & more. Get all the dangers, checkout phone safety tips in public buses »

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Can you believe what I witnessed at Iyana Ipaja today. I boarded a bus going to Oshodi from Iyana Ipaja, seated in the bus with me was a guy who just bought an Infinix Zero 4. He unpacked the phone and started operating it right in the bus. Lo and behold, something unbelievable happened right there in my ‘korokoro eyes‘… do you know what? An invisible hand pulled the phone from him and vanished into thin air.

The story above was shared with us by Tony Roha, a reader of NKH blog. This is very funny even though i find it a displeasing, cruel and unfortunate.

The act of being proactive is a very rare trait possessed by people with melancholic attitude. Being proactive requires you to be able to predict what’s going to happen next. With an ability like that, accidents will hardly occur to you. This post will highlight 6 things you should not do with your phone in public buses, Okada, Keke and more..

There are many things I’ve warned against doing while using your mobile device and this is just an addition to the long list. This fellow whom had lost a new Infinix Zero 4 (currently the most expensive Infinix phone) was too excited about using his phone and probably lost focus. He forgot he was sitted close to the window where he gave the snatcher cheap opportunity to grab his phone.

There are unlimited number of tricks phone snatchers use to acquire phones from people and that buyer just fell for one of them.

Here are 6 things you should not do with your phone in public buses, Okada, Keke etc.

Do not do this while in a Bus, Taxi, Bike (Okada), Tricycle (Keke) and other public transports.

1. Avoid sitting near windows

Do not use phones while seated close to the window, it can be snatched, they are picky about their targets. They only commuters that sits in a very tight place.

2. Using phone on bike

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Don’t ever use phones while seated on a bike (Okada). Leave the messages and chats, you can attend to them later.

3. Earphones on bike

Do not listen to music while sitted on a bike with both ear pods plugged into your ears. You can’t hear danger when they approach you.

4. Trouser material can ruin it

The first TECNO phone I got was taken away for faulting this error. Am not sure if my TECNO Phantom A+ slipped out of my pocket or he pushed it out, what am sure about is my pant trouser was linen and that gave him easy passage to steal it. So, do not keep your phones in your pockets while sitted in a public vehicle, especially when you’re wearing a trouser (they are usually slippery and sliding the phones out of your pockets are very easy). You can put it in your pockets only if it’s a tight Jean trouser.

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5. Bus showoffs

If you use very expensive phones, please be advised to keep them in your pockets or somewhere hidden and not flaunt unnecessarily. It can make you a target when you alight from the bus.

6. Receiving calls

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Not all calls must be answered when you see them. This message goes to those that normally answer calls on bikes, do you even know that while trying to force a phone out of your right pocket on a bike, your phone might accidentally slip out and fall off the road. Even if you succeed in bringing it out, it could be snatched while positioned on the ear. This folks are too smart, fast and fearless.

To sum it all up:

Be very careful of everyone and the things around you both living and non-living. If you live in places like Mushin, Ajegunle, Oshodi, Yaba, Surulere, and other notorious places in Lagos, be careful moving, swinging, holding or flaunting your expensive device. Some folks are born thieves, all they know how to do is snatch phones, they are well-trained. It takes the grace of God to catch them. Build the habit of PROACTIVENESS.

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  1. Thanks for the awareness… Most especially the iPhone users it’s just as if they don’t have a pocket to keep their phone?or something.. Well i hope this serves as a lesson for them all.. Peace ✌

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