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Twitter CEO about Edit Button: “It has to be done right”

Whoever makes a mistake on Twitter will have to keep paying attention for the time being, because an edit button is not yet ready.

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Those who are still waiting for an edit button on Twitter in November of 2018 will remain hungry for a while. Tweets have been a popular feature for years for users of the platform, but they never seem to be there. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey finally talked about this opportunity yesterday during a presentation at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, India. Spoiler: You do not get to know much.

Jack talked about the addition of an edit button for the first time since 2016. He said that the social media platform has thought for a while about the possibility, but it wants to do it the right way and it absolutely should not be messed. Two or three years is certainly not too fast for us, Jack…

The problem is mainly that Twitter does not want the edit button to be misused to spread misinformation. Improving a typing error is not a problem, but going back in time and adjusting is.

Spambots can also easily misuse the functionality by setting up retweet contests and then adjusting the original tweet to their own agenda. There is no one who wants it, but apparently, Jack does not understand that. The majority of users do not ask for more than the possibility to make an adjustment the first few minutes after tweeting.

You can view Jack’s full presentation via this link, his answer is around minute 57.

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