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Twitter Comes With Online Status Indicator and More

Microblogging website Twitter is going to make changes to its layout to make it easier to have a conversation.

Social networking site Twitter comes again with changes for its timeline. This time it concerns changes to the way tweets are displayed. In an emerging beta test, selected users can expect speech bubbles and availability indicators to be more comfortable for conversations.

As you can see in the tweet below when you click on the image, this new functionality is very similar to the average conversation in a chatapp and threads on the platform will look something else. If you follow someone, your replies will get a different colour than if that is not the case.

Twitter chat
Source: https://twitter.com/pandemona/status/1035581630180552704/

The attentive reader has already noticed the green dots in the above tweet that indicate the online status of a person. According to Twitter, this is ideal for starting conversations. That is in theory, too, but many Twitterers have already stated that they are not set up with the function because they create unrealistic expectations to always answer when you are online.

Twitter wants to make it even more possible to break the ice with your followers, by adding some standard conversation starters. On top of that, there are also tags that illustrate what you are doing at that moment. The beta test starts within a few weeks.

So what are your thoughts on this new feature when implemented on Twitter?

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