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Twitter Stop Support for iOS 9 and Below

According to the application update message in the App Store this week, Twitter stopped supporting iOS 9 device and users who still use the older version.

Twitter stopped supporting all iOS device users who still use the older version.

According to the application update message in the App Store this week, only users who have used iOS version 10 and above can continue to get support on their device.

The message from Twitter stated that this decision would allow the microblogging site to streamline application development for all their clients.

Usually, switching from the old platform means that companies can launch new features faster and take advantage of the benefits provided by the latest networks, without sacrificing support services to older users.

This has already happened before where a number of social media platforms made such choices, such as LinkedIn and Snapchat which only provided support services for iOS 10 and above devices.

Meanwhile, Facebook provides support for users of iOS version 9 and above.

iOS 10 was released almost two years ago, and next month Apple gadget owners will have access to download the iOS version 12.

For Twitter leaving the old iOS version is less risky than leaving users who are still using an older version of Android, because the majority of iOS users always update the operating system when Apple launches the latest mobile operating system.

In fact, Apple data shows 5 percent of users still use iOS version 9 and below. On the Apple scale, that means millions of users but for Twitter, that number is much lower.

In this year’s second quarter earnings report, Twitter recorded 335 million monthly active users. Of course, most of them still run Twitter via Android-based devices.

Possible percentage of iOS version 9 users down is very little. On the other hand, Twitter needs to ensure that the number of users is very small.

The popular social media platform has covered most of the application versions needed by its partner TweetDeck, and this year Twitter also stopped Twitter for Mac along with its TV applications.

Twitter also ends support services for the old API platform, knowing that this action will greatly affect the ability of its third partner to operate.

They said that users who still use iOS version 9 and below will no longer receive updates, so those who want to get performance improvements, bug fixes, and new features must immediately update their iOS, according to the TechCrunch report.

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