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Twitter Will Reopen Verification Application Program Next Year

Enable users to submit verified badge requests

For several years Twitter has presented a verification application program where certain Twitter users such as CEOs of companies, journalists, politicians, celebrities, influencers and other famous people can get a verification badge from Twitter.

However, at this time Twitter has closed the program and prefers to give the verification badge to users manually. Yes, Twitter only gives the badge if they see that the user really deserves it.

twitter verified
Twitter account from Twitter Verified (photo / Twitter / @ verified)

Well, after a long time the verification application program has been closed, Twitter plans to reopen the program in 2021 and currently it is seeking suggestions from users regarding how they can do this.

“We understand how important it is for users to be able to express themselves on Twitter. So today we are thinking about how people can identify themselves on Twitter. Starting from the verification system first,” said Twitter.

For now, the verification badge on Twitter itself is still given to companies, government accounts, brands, news accounts, entertainment, sports, organizations and activists, as well as certain individuals. However, in the future, regular Twitter users may also have their own verification badge.

It seems that the most appropriate way for Twitter to update the verification system on its platform is by implementing a verification system like YouTube where each user has a verification badge that corresponds to certain categories.


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