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Top 5 Useful Health Apps For Android And iOS

Certain health complications like blood sugar level, cholesterol level, etc can be prevented via this useful health apps. Download the best health apps before;

Good and healthy life matters a lot, health matter sometimes can be a very serious problem than other problems you’d encounter in your entire lifetime. Having noticed so many health problems encountered by people, I realized a majority of them were as a result of ignorance and a nonchalant attitude to certain simple tips. Play Store, iOS store and other mobile app house a lot of apps but not all of them are useful health apps.

Health apps can help in solving or preventing certain health complications… We have got various applications to help us monitor our blood sugar level, cholesterol level, weight, kilometres we walk, blood pressure, and also the quality of sleep we had. All thanks to smartphones anyway, without these devices, it almost impossible to study our health using these very useful health apps.

Top 5 Useful Health Apps For Android And IOS

Here is a list of 5 important health apps you should install today to get the best out of life.

1. Juice


These days we get carried away with certain life problems, work late at night, just like me…stay on the computer all day, read books for long periods, and forget that it’s important that we take some time out to relax and rejuvenate. Anyway, “Juice” is an app that allows users to keep tracks of how much rest they should have.

This app works in such a way that it prompts you to install additional reminders that it’s time to leave the computer or whatever it is you’re doing, it advises you to go to bed or just spend some quality time doing exercises. For further trainers’ tips from professionals, you can find useful help from the app’s menu.

2. Deep Sleep With Andrew Johnson


Falling asleep can sometimes be a very arduous process, I could remember days where I worked late through the night, and I find it extremely difficult to sleep. I just had to take some meditative measures such as listening to music or watching movies that would eventually draw me to sleep.

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A program developed by famous American sleep specialist Andrew Johnson to help eliminate the problems associated with falling asleep. Sometimes people just don’t know how to fall asleep, you find them rolling, tossing and turning in bed because of their fatal inability to fall asleep.

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However, Andrew designed this app to offer some meditative practices that can help eliminate stress to help you sleep quietly. The app recommends series of these practices; they include listening to music in your headphones, also staring at your smartphone at the same time. The concept is to achieve a combo of visual and audio effect.

Download links:

3. Period Tracker


This app was designed for both iOS and Android, a typical app specifically meant to help women keep track of the menstrual cycle. It does the job smoothly in a way that makes you keep real and realistic track of every single day within the menstrual period.

This app has a calendar designed to keep all necessary information/data; data that are required to calculate the average menstrual cycle over the last decade to predict the start of the next menstruation. All you have to do is download, install and HIT a special key to start the app immediately after your period begins.

Download links:

Period Tracker
Period Tracker
Price: Free+

‎Period Tracker ‎
‎Period Tracker ‎
Developer: Sevenlogics, Inc.
Price: Free+

4. Drink Control


Have you been looking for a way to curb your drinking habits? Then this is app is the solution. The Drink Control app helps you stay in check with the quantity and amount you’ve spent on alcohol consumption. It helps you to keep tracks of your overall drinking habits, also reveals the number of calories and units of alcohol your blood has been exposed to. This app works by analyzing and calculating information of alcohol or nonalcoholic beverages you’ve added to its database.

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Furthermore, this app will also keep tracks of every penny spent on drinking, and maybe someday, you might consider quitting your drink addiction when you realised how much you’ve spent on them.

Download links:

‎DrinkControl: Alcohol Tracker
‎DrinkControl: Alcohol Tracker

5. Doctor On Demand


This is actually my favourite health app, do you realise how important it is to actually have contact with a professional health practitioner. Self-medication is not so good and could harm your health when followed wrongly. You can contact a doctor or a physician depending on your location, and this app helps to keep you to get in touch with a qualified physician, doctor or other health consultants.

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Doctor on demand is the best app to get useful help from the best and qualified health personnel. This should further be of great help in solving minor health issues such as; Cough/flu/allergies/cold, aches, fever and other similar/smaller health problems, not excluding emotional health matters and child’s health.

Download links:

Doctor On Demand
Doctor On Demand
Price: Free

‎Doctor On Demand
‎Doctor On Demand

To sum it all up:

Health is not to be taken for granted because anything can come up just anytime. You have to be very wary of ill-health…prevention is the perfect solution, saves you more money. Your smartphones aren’t meant for browsing, watching movies and playing games alone. Now that you’ve seen how important, priceless and effective it can be in helping you solve minor health problems. I think you should embrace, optimize and be very reliant on them. They can save your life by keeping tracks of certain health issues!

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