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5 Best Free Video Editing Software for PCs / Laptops

For those of you who have a hobby of editing videos or aspiring to become a vlogger, here are the best free video editing software programs for PC.

Video editing applications or software are often used by professional video editors and YouTubers to produce interesting video content.

Well, for those of you who have a hobby of editing videos or maybe aspiring to become a vlogger, it’s very important to improve your video editing skills with lots of practice.

There are already a bunch of applications that have been made available for video editing on smartphones, but if you want to take this to a whole new level, then you will need to get your hands on more complex software programs on a laptop or computer. Video editing tasks has also gotten easier with the presence of various free video editing software that you can use on your PC / laptop.

This video editing software can be used for both beginners and professional video editors. So, you can adjust the software specifications according to your abilities.

Here are the recommendations for the best free video editors to help you create quality video content as summarized by Naijaknowhow.net from various sources:

List of the 5 Best Video Editors for PC / Laptop

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro (creativecow.net)

The first best PC video editor is Adobe Premiere Pro. Usually, professional YouTubers use this application quite often.

Apart from being a very reliable video quality enhancer software, this software is quite easy to use and has complete features for editing videos.

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Adobe Premiere Pro can be used to edit event videos, such as weddings, music video clips, documentaries, and other video content.

2. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve
DaVinci Resolve (audioxpress.com)

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DaVinci Resolve is a free video editing software for laptop and PC. Some of its features are similar to Adobe Premiere Pro, ranging from motion graphics, Multicam editing, audio mixing, and others.

There have been many video enthusiasts using software made by the developer Blackmagic Design, which is also a well-known DSLR camera manufacturer.

Apart from being free, another advantage of DaVinci Resolve is that it can be used on Windows, MacOS, and Linux platforms. The video rendering feature here is also faster.

3. Cyberlink PowerDirector

Cyberlink PowerDirector
Cyberlink PowerDirector (store.steampowered.com)

Cyberlink company launched one of the best lightweight capacity PC video editing software program, which is named Cyberlink PowerDirector.

Cool and advanced features are abundant here and it’s quite easy to use too. For example, the Express Projects feature allows you to edit videos in a short time.

For professionals, there are complete features such as 360 video editing, motion tracking, chroma key, and colour adjustment.

4. AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor
AVS Video Editor (avs4you.com)

Furthermore, there is the AVS Video Editor application that doesn’t eat up much RAM on your laptop or PC. There is an excellent feature called Video Cache which allows the video editing process to be done without a hitch.

Apart from that, there are also basic features such as cropping video, writing text, embedding audio, 300 effects, and transitions that can be used.

5. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express
Illustration of video editing with software (Unsplash / @ wahidkhene)

The best video editing software on a PC / laptop that you can install for free is HitFilm Express. There are interesting features in this software.

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Some of the features are filters for audio and video, compositing tools, layers, masking, and support for 3D video.

Apart from that, the HitFilm Express software also has standard titling tools, colour grading, Chroma Key features and audio editing.


So, those are some recommendations for the best free video editing software to help you create quality video content, from a PC or laptop. Only by downloading the best video editing application or software, you can edit videos anytime and anywhere, including working on video presentations to creating a YouTube channel.

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Furthermore, in a different post, I’ve posted a list of online video editors for those who don’t have the luxury of installing these software programs mentioned above, these online video editing platforms have minimalistic and less ambiguous controls compared to the apps we have here, you can as well try them out.

Let us know if there are others you’ve used that aren’t mentioned in this article, kindly share them with us using the comment box below.

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