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This App Allows Huawei Smartphone Users To Install Google Apps!

Are you looking for ways to install Google applications on your Huawei smartphone? Check out this app that allows you to install Google apps. Learn below!

As we know, currently the latest smartphone made by Huawei is no longer equipped with Google Play Services, therefore users cannot use services from Google such as the Play Store, Google Maps, or YouTube anymore at all.

But this does not rule out people looking for ways to make Google applications work properly on this Huawei smartphone. Currently, there are methods that users can use to run Google applications on their Huawei smartphones.

It’s just that this method is known to be quite difficult to do and requires at least 20-30 minutes to do.

Well, recently one of the developers from XDA-Developers named bender_007 has created an application called Googlefier which primary function is to help in installing Google applications on Huawei smartphones.

Googlefier application display
Googlefier application display (photo / XDA-Developers / bender_007)

Still using the same method, at least this Googlefier application will do all the processes that are usually done manually automatically. This certainly makes the process faster and easier to follow.

Googlefier will certainly be one of the most important applications for Huawei’s latest smartphone users. For those who still want to use applications from Google on these smartphones, you can check the application via the link!

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  1. No matter the cutting of corners, Huawei phones are crap without Google Play services. Yep their phones have great design, strong performance, and quality cameras. But all these are crap without Google services.

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