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Apple Ranks Top Mobile Tech Company in Global 500 Ranking; Xiaomi’s A First-Timer

According to Global 500, Apple is the number one mobile tech company in the world. Also, Xiaomi makes a first-time appearance.

According to the renowned Fortune Global 500, US-based tech company, Apple is the number one mobile tech company in the world. The Cupertino Giant is closely followed by none other than the Korean Powerhouse, Samsung. Interestingly, 9-year old Xiaomi breaks into the ranking for the first time ever.

The Fortune Global 500 is a yearly accumulation of 500 top performing companies based on their revenues. It comprises of companies across different facets of the business world. It is annually published in the Fortune Magazine.

With an overall ranking of eleven (11), Apple was able to dominate the tech category of the list having made USD 265, 595 million. Apple forms part of the 121 US companies that were found on the list. Asian companies overthrew the US companies with 129 appearances, Samsung being one of them. Samsung recorded USD 221, 579.40 million in revenue, hence, ranking 15th in the Global 500, and second in the tech segment.

The closest to Samsung is the Google’s parent company, Alphabet. The company raked in a total of USD 136,819 million that places it in the 37th position worldwide. 61-st placed Huawei, with USD 109, 030.40 million, is the next technology giant to be found on the Global 500.

Sony, LG and Apple are found behind the 61st-placed Huawei. Their respective positions are 116, 185 and 466 in the ranking. This makes them the 5th, 6th and 7th mobile tech-wise.

Newbie Xiaomi


The most intriguing news to the smartphone world is the nine-year old Xiaomi breaking into the list. It takes up the number 468 in the Global 500 list. A revenue of USD 26,443.50 million was enough to guarantee the company’s milestone.

Owing to this, the Chinese company’s CEO, Lei Jun released a heart-warming statement:

“It took Xiaomi only nine years to make the Fortune Global 500 list, a milestone that we owe a big thank you to all our Mi fans and users for their unwavering support. We are also the youngest company on this year’s list, a proud record that we will keep in mind and bring to another level in the global expansion journey.”

Notable tech companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Intel, Panasonic and HP are other tech companies that made the cut.

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