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Xiaomi Opens First Physical Store in Lagos, Nigeria

The new flagship Mi Store company in Nigeria opened its doors amid huge interest and many visitors. See Xiaomi Mi Office (official store / service center) address in Lagos Nigeria.

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After establishing a focus on African expansion, Xiaomi has entered other markets in West Africa. The new flagship Mi Store company in Nigeria opened its doors amid huge interest and many visitors.

Xiaomi Store in Lagos, Nigeria (Service / Repair Center)

This store located at Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos includes a complete line of Xiaomi products ranging from smartphones to headsets, accessories and household appliances.

Here are all the list of Xiaomi service centers in Lagos

  • 18, Kodesho street opposite computer village gate, Ikeja, Lagos
  • 16, Saka Tinubu Steet, Victoria Island, Lagos
  • Water Front Complex, Plot 8 Block 12E, Admiralty Way, Lekki, Phase 1

Click here to see more Xiaomi offices in other states in Nigeria.

Xiaomi Mi Office in Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria (Credit: Naijaknowhow.net)

Xiaomi offers more special offers on products in its new store, especially its newly launched Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 and Redmi 7 devices.

in 2019, Xiaomi stated that one of its goals was to increase its presence in Africa. The increasing market share of Chinese OEM in Africa is the main reason why the brand aspirations in the Nigerian mobile market are so high and we can expect more stores to continue to emerge in the coming months.

Alternatively, you can also reach Xiaomi directly by sending a message through their official social media pages.

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Xiaomi Nigeria Official Social Media Pages

Other repairs/service centers in Nigeria:

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  1. If you have the intention of getting a redmi phone better perish the idea. That phone is the worse thing you can spend your hard earn money on.I hope you listen. My redmi 9T didn’t spend up to 5month, no screen damage no physical damage it just stop powering. Took it to their office ,they couldn’t repair it, asked me to bring the pack and receipt that they will refund. They have been posting me till then. So I hope this review save someone from buying

  2. Please help me please I upgraded my mi note 10 pro since then my music when playing it it bridge and I can do call or receive call it keep on saying call ended please help me

  3. Hello, my redimi note 9s stopped hearing while on call until i use earpiece or i put it on loud speaker. The painful part is that the phone is just a month old.. please help me out

  4. Hello!!! Please my redmi mi9t suddenly stop recognizing my sim card..the network area has a sim card symbol with and X sign on it…can it be fixed at the store…thank you

  5. My experience with xiaomi phone has been the worst ,buying your product within 7month and developing software issues and has not been repairs since a month ago have returned it ,only for your sales representative to tell me company that make a phone does not have what damage on it, kindly help out

    • Sorry for what happened to your device. Now, I need you to also understand this isn’t the best way to reach out to Xiaomi online. This is an article that highlights the address/location of Xiaomi stores in Nigeria. You can contact them through their various social media channels >> Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, you also opt to shop for a replacement part on AliExpress if what’s wrong with your device is hardware-related.

  6. I took my new Redmi note 9s to xiaomi repair centre after a week I bought it, they did not repair it till now,I want to collect it that way without them repairing it, they did not give me yet, please I need help, what can I do?

  7. I ordered my redmi screen it got to me I changed the screen it’s vibrating and showing one small light at the top of the phone but it’s not displaying on my phone nothing is showing

  8. Please do u know if the redmi note 7 is still available at their store?
    I plan going to their store tomorrow

  9. Please I need the MI a3. What store is that available in? I just returned the one I bought on Jumia today. The battery keeps draining by itself, takes up to 6hrs to charge and the phone is always hot. Please I can’t seem to get this in stores around me. Kindly suggest a store that has this phone in stock. Thank you

  10. Please my redmi note 8 has stopped charging fast and it is charging very slow, even after getting a new charger it still not charging, please what could be the cause of it charging slow and is there a way I can change the in-built battery together with getting a new charger for it?

    • I suggest you reach out to Xiaomi through their social media handles, either Facebook or Twitter. However, have you tried checking the recommended Watts for the battery charger you got? Redmi Note 8 supports 18W fast charge. If the charger isn’t an 18W charger, then you’d not be able to charge it fast.

  11. I need mi mix 3 4G screen replacement, can I get it in Nigeria? By the way I got the phone from UK before they upgrade it to 5G so I wasn’t aware in the first place
    I’ve been wondering if it’s also possible to take the phone to the company and have it exchanged for another one with just token money

  12. Please sir is there any possible way I can get my mi mix 3 screen repaired! The screen is blank and lot of people discouraged me about not getting it done but I just want to be sure

  13. please viklin, can they repair a note 7 pro,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the phone cant see network or recognize any sim card again ad please there is no phone numbr in the article, i need a number i can call before heading there, my side is far from that end

  14. Hello please I want to know if I can change or repair my Xiaomi Redmi note 7 body part the back glass got damaged, I’d like to know of I can change it, thank you

    • I’m not sure since we don’t work for or are affiliated to Xiaomi. Although, It should be around $35 (approx. 12k in naira) but you can visit the store to confirm. Thanks

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