Apple Watch Series 5 Launched with Always-on-Display (AoD) and Longer Battery Life, Starting at $399

Apple also launched its latest generation of smartwatches called the Apple Watch Series 5.

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple also launched its latest generation of smartwatches called the Apple Watch Series 5.

Features (Full Specs)

One of the brand-new features featured on this device is Always-on-Display (AoD). As the name suggests, this feature allows the device screen to keep on all the time, not automatically turning off to save battery when it is not being viewed by users like previous generations.

Apple also claims Watch Series 5 users can more easily see the time information along with other information because there is no need to lift it to turn on the screen.

Even though the screen keeps on. Apple claims the durability of this new smartwatch will not be more wasteful compared to previous products.

“The battery can last all day, for 18 hours,” said Apple Watch’s Vice President of Product Marketing Stan Ng, while introducing this product from the stage.

According to Ng, the Watch Series 5 battery can last a long time because the screen is always on using the type of Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide (LTPO) panel specifically developed by Apple.

“LTPO dynamically refreshes the screen, between 60 Hz to 1 Hz, to save power,” he explained.

Apple Watch Series 5 still relies on various health features, such as heart rate monitoring via Electrocardiogram (ECG), fall detection, compass, to international emergency calls (SOS) by pressing and holding the side button.

According to Ng, international SOS calls to emergency numbers that apply in 150 countries can be done even if the user’s iPhone is not around.

In terms of design, Watch Series 5 which runs the WatchOS 6 operating system comes in several material choices, namely stainless steel, titanium, to ceramics.

Apple Watch Series 5 Price and Availability

Apple Watch Series 5 is priced starting at $399 (N145,000 naira in Nigeria) for variants with GPS features and $499 (N181,000 naira in Nigeria) for variants with GPS + cellular.

Watch Series 5 Official Video

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