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Why Becoming a Security Administrator with CompTIA Security+ Certification Is Easy Breezy?

The CompTIA Security+ certification is ideal for those individuals who want to enter the field of computer networking and cybersecurity as a security technician, a security manager, or a network administrator. Learn more!

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The CompTIA Security+ certification is one of those credentials that you will hear a lot about, especially if you are serious about cybersecurity. Despite the fact that this certificate is by no means the perfect measure of your skills in the field, it is what most companies usually use to validate or assess your expertise, particularly as an entry to the intermediate-level cybersecurity position. Basically, this certification is like an ID, which confirms that you are who you claim to be and that you possess the skill set you say you have. If you obtain this credential, it is assumed that you understand more than the basics of all the important concepts of cybersecurity.

CompTIA Security+ certification in its best is a popular vendor-neutral certification that proves the knowledge of security professionals with 2 or more years of experience in network support or adequate academic training or administration. It is the first security credential that any IT specialist should obtain. It validates their core knowledge required for any cybersecurity role. Having this certificate proves the following skills:

  • Implement secure concepts of systems design and network architecture
  • Detect several types of compromise and have the knowledge of vulnerability scanning and penetration testing concepts
  • Configure and implement wireless security settings and implement PKI
  • Summarize and implement risk management best practices
  • Configure and install access and identity services along with management control
  • Install, deploy, and configure network components while troubleshooting and accessing issues to support organizational security
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The prerequisite exam for this credential is known as CompTIA SY0-501. The test costs $349 per attempt. There is a discount for the CompTIA corporate members. The applicants can also purchase the exam vouchers of Pearson VUE to get a discount.


About CompTIA SY0-501 exam in great detail

The SY0-501 test is offered by CompTIA through Pearson VUE. This exam can be taken online or at any nearby testing centre. The exam comes with 90 questions of different types. They are multiple-choice and performance-based. The time duration is 90 minutes, so you have about 1 minute to answer a question. As for the passing score, it is 750 (100/900). CompTIA SY0-501 is available in 4 languages, such as Simplified Chinese, English, Portuguese, and Japanese. If you want to nail your test with ease, you should have 2 years of experience in IT administration. Moreover, CompTIA Network + under your sleeve is also a great prerequisite for this exam.

You should understand that even your years of experience may not help you pass this certification test on the first try. You can forget about success without thorough preparation. There are several training options for those individuals who want to take CompTIA SY0-501 with flying colours. The first option is traditional – instructor-led training in a classroom setting. Here all the topics of the Security+ exam are covered systematically in a classroom setting with an instructor leading the process. The second and most popular variant is self-study. This is popular because most professionals who choose to pursue this Security+ Practice Test 8 are busy and their schedule may not allow them to attend classroom training. As a student, you collect all the necessary materials and study by yourself without being supervised.

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Another preparation method you can go for is practice tests. This tool helps you practice in an environment similar to the actual exam. Using this resource, you can evaluate your knowledge base and identify your weak sides. So, you should take as many of these tests as you need until you improve your knowledge gaps.

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CompTIA Security+ certification as your career consultant

Since the cybersecurity professionals are in high demand both in the public and private organizations and companies, CompTIA Security+ always provides its certified specialists with the advantage of handling administrative and security responsibilities. With this credential, one can be able to take up a wide range of job roles in a big organization.

There are several positions that the CompTIA Security+ certification can offer. Some of them include:

  1. Security Engineer
  2. Security Administrator
  3. Security Consultant
  4. Systems Administrator
  5. Network Administrator
  6. Junior IT Auditor
  7. Premium

In addition to career opportunities, there are many other benefits of earning the CompTIA Security+ certification. For example, as this is a globally recognized credential, it allows you to apply for the above positions anywhere in the world. In addition, it makes your resume more powerful and attractive. So, this Security+ certificate will help you win an interview and easily get a job. Again, since the certification is a validation of one’s knowledge and skills required in the field, the employers are always ready to pay higher salaries to the certified employees.


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The CompTIA Security+ certification is ideal for those individuals who want to enter the field of computer networking and cybersecurity as a security technician, a security manager, or a network administrator. The decision to pursue this credential is major and important as it requires your energy, time, and money. But the return on such investments – a sought-after certificate, expertise, and hands-on experience – is invaluable. So, if you believe that A+ Practice Test 6 will benefit you, then we really recommend that you go for it. Good luck!

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