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8 Best KissAnime Alternatives To Stream Anime in 2023

Here's a list of the Best KissAnime Alternatives to watch anime online.

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Are you looking for websites like KissAnime to watch animes online? Here’s a list of the Best KissAnime Alternatives to watch anime online. When it comes to streaming anime online, KissAnime was one of the best websites you can visit then to watch your favourite anime. The website offers free cartoons, movies and different categories of entertainment that can be found on KissAnime.

But just as this saying goes “All Good Thing Must Come To An End“, KissAnime was shut down back in 2020 and so far people have been asking if there’s any good alternative like KissAnime. Well, they are and you’re reading the perfect article to discover the Best KissAnime Alternatives out there.

In today’s article on NaijaKnowHow, we’ve decided to handpick similar websites like KissAnime where you can Stream Anime Online for Free. So let’s check these websites out one by one.

List of The Best KissAnime Alternatives to Stream Anime

Since the KissAnime website can’t be accessed anymore, the following websites that are listed below serve as an alternative and they have different categories of Anime movies that you’ll find on KissAnime, so now let’s check out the Best KissAnime Alternatives below.

1. 9Anime – https://9anime.to

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Best KissAnime Alternatives

The first website on the list is 9Anime and it’s one of the most popular websites where you can watch any anime you want for free, this website has been around for a while and it has been serving anime lovers with unlimited anime content with different categories. 9Anime offers top anime in good video quality and subtitles are provided with any anime they upload on their website.

You can find different categories of anime on 9Anime, from Action, Adventure, Horror, Fantasy and lots more. This website is a perfect alternative to KissAnime, 9Anime is completely free and it’s a nice website.

2. Animeland TV – https://dub.animeland.tv

Animeland TV

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Animeland TV is quite popular and it’s a website with a large database of Anime content, this website offers Anime TV Series. If you want to watch anime series then it’s the perfect website you need to visit, you can also watch anime in dubbed versions and Animeland TV offers them all for free, the website is very easy to navigate and their movies are in good video quality.

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Animeland TV is one of the Best KissAnime Alternatives out there and the website is quite reliable. You can visit Animeland TV anytime and watch the latest anime of your choice for free without paying a dime.

3. Anime-Planet – https://www.anime-planet.com


Anime-Planet is another outstanding website that is still active and very reliable for watching Anime online. If you want to watch maybe old anime online, you can always find them on Anime-Planet and that doesn’t mean they don’t have new and latest anime movies as well, they have both and they offer them in HD quality.

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Anime-Planet also allows users to Read Manga Online and that’s why it’s a website that is quite different from others. Anime-Planet is one of the best websites to watch anime and it’s a perfect KissAnime alternative.

4. GoGoAnime – https://gogoanimes.to


GoGoAnime also offers the top anime series for free and you can always to the website to watch them anytime you want. With over 1000+ anime series available on GoGoAnime, this website is arguably one of the best stops for getting the latest anime to watch online. You’ll find the latest and most popular animes on GoGoAnime and watching them on the website is completely free.

There’s a reason why GoGoAnime is one of the Best KissAnime Alternatives and that’s because it has the best anime series, you can also watch Chinese anime series on GoGoAnime, you’ll enjoy using this website.

5. Crunchyroll – https://www.crunchyroll.com

Best KissAnime Alternatives

Crunchyroll is a premium website and it’s quite different from most websites that you’ll find online. Crunchyroll offers the best animes online, you can play anime games on Crunchyroll and you can also read Manga directly on Crunchyroll, it’s a very spectacular website and one of the best out there. A perfect alternative to KissAnime is Crunchyroll and there are no categories of anime that you won’t find on this website.

Crunchyroll has premium plans and these plans will allow you to watch animes without being disturbed by Ads and you can also enjoy streaming on multiple devices at the same time. It’s one of the Best KissAnime Alternatives out there.

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6. Anime Frenzy – https://animefrenzy.net

Best KissAnime Alternatives

Anime Frenzy is one of my favourite websites for watching animes online. I could remember watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legends Of Korra on this website. You can watch both anime movies and anime series on Anime Frenzy, the website has both the latest and older animes in its database and you can watch them all in clear quality.

Anime Frenzy is one of the Best KissAnime Alternatives to watching anime online. You can access the website on your smartphone and computers, it’s always active to serve quality anime content anytime.

7. AniWatcher – https://aniwatcher.com

Best KissAnime Alternatives

AniWatcher is quite similar to Animelab TV, both websites are owned differently but you’ll find similarities in their anime content, AniWatcher does seem different though and you’ll find the best animes on this website. You can watch any anime you want on AniWatcher and they have a large database of anime series, you’ll get the latest and old anime on this website.

AniWatcher also offers anime movies and you can watch them all in clear quality. This website has been serving people even before KissAnme was shut down, you can always visit AniWatcher to stream your favourite anime online for free.

8. Funimation – https://funimation.com


The last website I’ll like to recommend for all anime watchers is Funimation, yes it’s a really good website for watching the best animes online, you’ll find the latest anime and older anime on this website. You can watch them for free but might be interrupted frequently due to advertisements, the website is really clean and very easy to navigate.

Funimation is a perfect KissAnime alternative and you can always visit the website for the best anime movies and series. You might want to upgrade to their premium package if you’ll prefer uninterrupted streaming.

Conclusion (Best KissAnime Alternatives)

These are the Best KissAnime Alternatives at the moment and they offer the best anime movies and series out there. While some might have been omitted, we will be glad if you can give us more suggestions via the comment box and we will surely add them to the list.

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