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Best Physics Games for PC (Windows and Mac) in 2023

Are you searching for PC games that utilizes physics simulation? Here are some of the best physics games for PC to play on Windows or Mac.

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The popularity of games that utilize physics simulations is on the rise on PC platforms. These types of games offer players an immersive experience by replicating real-world physics, resulting in more realistic gameplay. In this article, you’ll get to see the best physics games for pc.

Physics-based games come with the ability for players to interact with the game world in a more realistic way. Objects in the game world have realistic properties and react to player actions in a believable way. This can make for a more immersive and engaging gameplay experience.

These games also offer a greater degree of replayability than other types of games. Because the game world reacts to player actions in a realistic way, every playthrough can be different and offer new challenges and opportunities for exploration. This article on Naijaknowhow recommends some of the best physics games for PC, supported on Windows and Mac.

List of the Best Physics Games for PC (Windows and Mac)

Physics games allow players to experience unique and immersive gameplay on their PC. With realistic physics and open-ended gameplay, these games can offer hours of entertainment and discovery. Below, we’ll discuss some of these games. Meanwhile, you may want to check our list of the best free PC games to play on Windows and Mac.

1. Spintires: MudRunner

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Spintires: MudRunner

As the player, you will control all-terrain vehicles and navigate through challenging terrain using only a compass and map for guidance, giving you a truly immersive off-road experience. This game though is only available for Windows PC.

MudRunner features an advanced physics engine and comes with a lot of improvements compared to the previous version, such as advanced differential lock systems, realistic mud and vegetation interactions, improved water physics, and more accurate tire simulation.

2. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

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Master the art of destruction in this game by completing a series of challenging missions. Utilize explosives and bullets to shatter walls, create new lines of fire, and open up new access points by breaching floors and ceilings. Experience dynamic and realistic reactions as the environment respond to the amount and type of explosives or bullets you use.

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege raises the standard for expert strategy and intense gun battles. The game features high lethality, intense close-quarters combat, large-scale explosions, and team-based gameplay as its core elements. This is one of the best physics games for PC that you can play. Nevertheless, it offers support for only Windows.

3. Art of Gravity

Physics Games for PC

In this physics-based puzzle game, players must destroy abstract figures to unveil mesmerizing gravity-based animations. With no tutorial or guidance, players must uncover the rules through exploration and experimentation.

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Art of Gravity offers an abundance of mechanics that provide a dynamic physics-based experience and elicit a sense of wonder through the visually pleasing destruction of abstract figures.

4. Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program

In Kerbal Space Program, players must construct a functional spacecraft capable of safely launching its crew into space. A variety of tools are provided to assist in this process, as players must carefully assemble various parts, each with its own specific function.

Prepare for an engaging experience delving into the complexities of rocket science, as well as exciting projects such as mining resources from beyond our atmosphere and capturing asteroids. Kerbal Space Program features three distinct gameplay modes: Sandbox, Science Mode, and Career Mode.

In Sandbox, players can construct various machines without any limitations. Science Mode allows players to conduct research and perform experiments. Lastly, Career Mode provides a more realistic experience where players must manage all aspects of the space project, including crew management, administrative strategies, budget, and reputation.

5. Universe Sandbox

Universe Sandbox

This interactive space game and gravity simulator combine elements of climate, collision, real-time gravity, and body interactions to showcase the vulnerability of Earth and the splendor of the universe. It is compatible with Virtual Reality devices such as Oculus and Vive. Nonetheless, it is one of the best physics games for PC.

This game is rooted in actual science and physics and does not require a supercomputer. Players can manipulate factors such as adding carbon dioxide to a planet’s atmosphere to increase its temperature, altering a star’s mass or age to affect its evolution, creating impact craters on surfaces with asteroids, and more. It is ideal for those interested in space.

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6. BeamNG.drive


BeamNG is a realistic vehicle simulation game that utilizes soft-body physics and highly detailed graphics. Its advanced engine simulates every aspect of the vehicle in real time, providing dynamic behavior and endless possibilities.

This vehicle simulator utilizes algorithms to execute physics equations, simulating a network of interconnected nodes and beams that merge to create a realistic, invisible skeleton of the vehicle with accurate masses. Although the game is only available for Windows, it is one of the best physics games for PC.

7. Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator enables players to create and play their own games with no rules, just a physics sandbox and the ability to invite friends. Utilize scripting to automate gameplay, manipulate physics, build RPG dungeons, and even create joints and hinges. Plus, if things aren’t going your way, you can always flip the table in frustration.

Tabletop Simulator offers 15 classic games such as Poker, Chess, Mahjong, Jigsaw Puzzles, and Dominoes as base options. In addition, it features 360-degree panoramic backgrounds that enhance the lighting and atmosphere of the gameplay experience.

8. Fist of Physics

Physics Games for PC

In the game, players are tasked with stopping rampant robots in the year 2037 by physically punching them. The game employs a VR physics engine, providing an immersive experience where players can interact with their opponents in a realistic manner, with every movement and reaction appearing genuine. It marks a spot as one of the best physics games for PC.

The game allows players to use their own body movements with a Vive controller and choose from a variety of weapons to engage in intense combat. Each opponent in the game has their own distinct moves, which players must strategically overcome by using various tactics such as sweeping the legs and removing the head.


PC games that utilize physics offer players a highly immersive and realistic gaming experience. Interacting with the game world in a realistic manner, and increased replayability make these games a unique and engaging form of entertainment. Check out any of the physics for PC mentioned above and have fun playing them.

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