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Best TinEye Alternatives for Reverse Image Search (2023)

Here's a roundup of some of the best TinEye alternatives that'll provide more accurate and comprehensive results for reverse image search.

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If you’ve been using the TinEye website for reverse image search, you might have noticed that it’s not always giving you the best results. Well, I’ve got some good news for you. There are several other TinEye alternatives available that can provide even better results!

So, why would you want to use an alternative to TinEye? Well, for starters, some of these alternatives can provide more accurate and comprehensive results. Plus, some of them even offer additional features like image editing and manipulation tools.

There are several great options available that you can try out. Most of them are completely free to use, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. In this article on Naijaknowhow, we’ll explore some of the best TinEye alternatives for reverse image search. So, let’s get started.

List of the Best TinEye Alternatives for Reverse Image Search

Whether you’re looking to find the source of an image or trying to find similar images, these alternatives can help you achieve your goals. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love having options? So, why not give them a try and see which one works best for you? Keep reading to know more!

1. Google Image Search – images.google.com

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Google Image Search

Have you ever used Google’s reverse image search? It’s super easy to use, just go to Google’s website, look for the camera button beside the search bar, and you’re good to go! Google Image Search connects with Google’s search engine, so you’ll not only find the website that contains your image but also related information and context about it.

What’s even cooler is that Google can also extract text from your image! You can translate each word or translate it as a whole. Plus, by clicking the ‘Listen’ button, you can hear how the words are pronounced! However, Google Image Search might not be super accurate when it comes to altered images. So, it might slow you down instead of helping in some cases.

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2. Bing Visual Search – bing.com/visualsearch

Bing Visual Search - TinEye Alternatives

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If you’re into image searching, Bing Visual Search is worth checking out. It’s just as good as TinEye and Google Image Search, but with added features. You can drag-and-drop or upload an image to search, or even take a photo with your webcam or camera. Bing will provide information about the image, including related searches and similar images.

What sets Bing apart from the others is the Visual Search button below the image you search for. It allows you to crop a specific object or element in the image, and the system will hunt it down for you. And if you’re on the lookout for a face search feature, Bing Visual Search is your go-to. It is one of the best TinEye alternatives for reverse image search.

3. Getty Images – gettyimages.com

Getty Images

Did you know that Getty Images has a pretty cool reverse image search feature? It’s true! You can use it to find out where an image comes from or to find similar images. All you have to do is click the camera button next to the search bar and upload the image you want to search for. You can even refine your search by adding keywords to get better results.

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What’s great about Getty Images is that you can buy licenses for the images you find. So, if you need a legal and licensed photo for your project, Getty Images is definitely worth checking out. And their reverse image search is super handy because it gives you instant results. No more wasting time scrolling through endless pages of search results!

4. CamFind – camfindapp.com


If you’re on the lookout for a way to reverse image search using your Android or iOS device, CamFind’s got you covered. It’s pretty similar to Google Lens, but don’t underestimate its power. With CamFind, all you have to do is point your camera and snap – no need to upload images, no fuss. And the results come up in a jiffy!

What’s more, CamFind doesn’t just show you related images. It can even help you find the store that sells the item you’re looking for and give you directions on how to get there. And if you’re searching for a movie poster, this tool can tell you the movie’s name and even find the nearest cinema to your location. Talk about convenience!

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5. Yandex – yandex.com/images

Yandex - TinEye Alternatives

Yandex is not as popular as some of the other TinEye alternatives, but it’s actually the second most popular in Russia! Just a heads up though, Yandex is upfront about using your data for their development. So keep that in mind. But let’s talk about their image search. It has a pretty high accuracy rate, especially when it comes to identifying faces and places.

Results pop up instantly after you drag and drop or upload your image. Plus, you can find the exact image in various sizes, the site it came from, and related searches. And if you need to find a specific object in the image, Yandex has a crop feature where you can search for it separately. So if you’re looking for a reliable image search tool, it is worth checking out.

6. PimEyes – pimeyes.com


PimEyes is an image search tool that’s got people talking lately. It uses AI to do a reverse image search, but what’s different is that it focuses solely on faces. What’s even more impressive is that it can find other pictures of you on the internet – even ones from years ago – and it’s scarily accurate. When you use PimEyes, it doesn’t just show you where an image is located.

It detects your face and finds other pictures of you. And it’s super fast – you get results in seconds. You can also track where your photos are located on the internet. But, as with any technology that has the ability to find information about us, there are privacy concerns. So, while it’s a cool tool, it’s important to be aware of how our information is being used.


There you have it, the best TinEye alternatives that offer reliable image search capabilities. Each tool mentioned in this article comes with unique features and benefits, including reverse image search, copyright checking, and advanced filtering. Whether you’re a blogger or a content creator, you’ll find a suitable alternative that fits your needs and budget.

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