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14 Best Websites to Watch Anime Online Free (2023)

Looking for websites to stream anime for free? Here's an article that covers the best websites to watch anime online for free.

Are you looking for the best websites to watch anime online for free? Well, you’ve come to the right place where you’ll find anime streaming sites. So if you’re an anime lover, you should follow up as we walk you through different anime streaming websites.

Streaming content online has been made easy these days. From being able to access websites that’ll let you stream movies and tv series, to websites that’ll let you stream live sports and many more. Anime, on the other hand, can be watched online as well and there are websites that’ll help out.

The likes of KissAnime and its alternatives have made anime streaming possible. In today’s article on NaijaKnowHow, we’re going to introduce you to the best websites to watch anime online for free. If you’ve been looking for a reliable site to stream anime on your Android, iOS or PC, you’ll find them here.

List of The Best Websites to Watch Anime Online for Free

Here’s a list of the best anime streaming websites out there, feel free to check them out below.

1. 9Anime – https://9anime.to

best websites to watch anime

One of the few websites that make watching anime online possible is 9Anime. This website is very popular and it is one of the best you’ll ever come across. Anyone who wants to stream their favourite Anime movies or shows can always use 9Anime. The website comes with a redefined interface and navigation is easy on it.

9Anime is completely free, users are not allowed to make a single payment on the website. You can browse for anime based on the year it was released and you’ll find old and latest anime as well. 9Anime is one of the best out there and it makes sense for watching anime online.

2. KissAnime – https://ww4.kiss-anime.su

best websites to watch anime

KissAnime offers top animes in English and if you want to watch any anime based on genre. You’ll find them all on KissAnime. The website allows users to stream in different quality, it supports small screens and big screens. You can watch in different video qualities like 480p, 720p, 1080p and also in HD and 4K quality.

Most Anime on KissAnime and series, you’ll always get the complete episodes, and you’ll find the latest animes on the website and on top of all. KissAnime has a clear web interface that makes navigation easy for anyone.

3. GoGoanime – https://gogoanimes.to


GoGoanime is a website that is widely available for all. It doesn’t matter which region you’re coming from, this website will let you watch your favourite anime without limitations. You’ll find anime movies and tv series on GoGoanime, there’s a search button to look for any anime that is not displayed on the front page.

On GoGoanime, there’s an option to watch dubbed anime and Chinese versions. There’s also an Anime List section on GoGoanime where you can find any anime of your choice. Gogoanime is one of the best websites to watch anime, you’ll find the website to be more user-friendly than ever.

4. Anime-Planet – https://www.anime-planet.com


There are two things you can do on Anime-Planet. You can watch anime for free and also read manga online for free. You’ll find Anime-Planet to be a bit different from most anime streaming websites. This website allows users to stream movies in clear and HD quality, and you’ll always find old classics and new titles on Anime-Planet.

Anime-Planet brings the best of anime movies to people who want to stream them. Most animes on Anime-Planet are legal, you’ll find over 50,000 legal anime to watch for free. There’s also a community for anime lovers to give opinions and interact with each other.

5. Animeland TV – https://dub.animeland.tv

Animeland TV

When it comes to the availability of anime series, Animeland TV is one of the leading websites that’ll allow you access to plenty of anime content. This website releases dubbed English animes for free. Most of the anime on Animeland TV are series, you don’t need to sign up on Animeland TV.

Animeland TV is a reliable source for watching anime movies for free. If you want one of the best websites to watch anime online, Animeland TV is one of them. The only problem with using Animeland TV to stream is that you’ll always get pop-ads on the website. But that is not an issue because it happens one or two times.

6. Chia-Anime – https://chia-anime.io/


One of the best websites to get anime tv series is Chia-Anime. You’ll get pure anime series on this website and there are few websites that do it better than Chia-Anime. Making Chia-Anime your favourite website to stream anime won’t be a bad choice, although the website has pop-ads, that is not something to worry about.

Chia-Amine offers animes in the A-Z genre, you’ll find different anime under Action, Adventure, Love and so on. A good source to stream anime online without any issues is Chia-Anime. You’ll find the website user-friendly and most videos can be streamed in different high-quality formats.

7. Anime Frenzy – https://animefrenzy.net

best websites to watch anime

Another website to use as a source for streaming anime online is Anime Frenzy. You can watch for free without any premium payment. Anime Frenzy will let you watch any popular anime online, You’ll find popular Naruto anime, demon slayer and even old-time anime like Avatar: The Last Air Bender.

Streaming on Anime Frenzy is very easy, the website supports small screens and big screens. You’ll be able to watch anime of different quality. Most uploaded animes on Anime Frenzy are on fast servers, once you have a good network, you’re good to go. Anime Frenzy is one of the best websites to watch anime online for free.

8. AnimeDao – https://animedao.to

best websites to watch anime

One of the best websites to watch anime online is AnimeDao. This website is the home for anime movies and you’ll find plenty of them available for free. AnimeDao is known for providing English and Japanese anime for free. This website is widely used by a lot of anime lovers and that’s because it offers different categories of animes. AnimeDao is known for the high-quality anime it offers to anime lovers. One of the reasons why this website is popular is the streaming quality.

While streaming anime on AnimeDao, users are allowed to adjust streaming quality from 320p to 1080p. With a fast internet connection, you’ll enjoy the best of AnimeDao. This website also allows users to stream anime on mobile and PC. The website is user-friendly and also very fast. If you’re an anime lover and you want to stream animes for free. AnimeDao is one of the best websites you can visit.

9. AnimeLab – https://www.animelab.co

best websites to watch anime

AnimeLab is another popular website for streaming Anime online for free and it offers almost the latest animes. One of the reasons why AnimeLab is such a great option for streaming anime is that. If you want to stream anime on your phone, the website has a mobile app for Android and iOS users. Once you download the AnimeLab app on your smartphone, you can easily stream any of your favourite animes for free. But for PC users or anyone with a wider screen.

The AnimeLab website is the best option for widescreen users. AnimeLab is completely free and it has been doing a great job when it comes to streaming anime online. You’ll love everything about this website and how easy it is to access it. Another reason why you’ll love AnimeLab is that most Japanese animes have subtitles. If you’re watching any anime on the website, the translated version will play automatically.

10. KissAnime – https://kissanime.com.ru

best websites to watch anime

KissAnime has been another website where people always get to enjoy the best anime titles online. This website as being available for a long time and it has been doing an excellent job. With KissAnime, you’ll be able to watch anime movies online for free. Whether you have a title in mind or you just want something random to watch. On KissAnime, you’ll be able to search for animes or get recommendations to watch. KissAnime is an outstanding option for watching animes online for free.

While browsing through KissAnime, the website allows users to watch subbed and dubbed anime. You’ll find different categories of anime on this website. Some of the categories include action, adventure, comedy and so on. When considering the streaming quality offered by KissAnime you can stream in different quality. KissAnime offers the best animes and you’ll find over 5000 animes on this website.

11. Contv – https://www.contv.com


With Contv, you might want to rethink your options for streaming anime online. Contv is an online streaming platform for movies, tv shows and other forms of entertainment. This website offers free services and paid ones. One of the reasons why you’ll love Contv is that it offers modern animes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch old titles on the website. If you want to watch old animes, the website offers them as well.

While looking for a place to watch animes online, Contv is a great choice, If you want to watch anime tv shows as well. You can do all that on Contv, it is one of the best options for watching animes. You can also add animes to your watchlist, there are different anime channels on Contv and you can access them anytime. As said before that Contv offers both free and paid services and some animes do require premium access.

12. AnimeHeaven – https://animeheaven.ru

best websites to watch anime

AnimeHeaven is heaven for free animes. This is one of the best websites to watch anime online for free. If you want to watch animes online in HD quality, AnimeHeaven is one of the best places to begin. This website offers free streaming but you can’t download animes. When you visit AnimeHeaven, you’ll be welcomed with the trending animes on the internet. You can also scroll down for more recommendations.

AnimeHeaven offers instant premium streaming for free. You’ll love everything about AnimeHeaven, it is user-friendly and it offers different anime streaming options. on AnimeHeaven, you’ll find series and episodes, subbed and dubbed animes. You can also set your preference for your choice of anime. With AnimeHeaven, you’ll be able to stream anime online for free without hassles. There’s also a trick to downloading from AnimeHeaven, you can use an anime downloader on AnimeHeaven.

13. AnimeFreak – https://animefreak.site


AnimeFreak is one of the websites that’ll let you watch the latest anime online. Whether you want to watch the latest episodes or complete series. This website has them all in store for you. AnimeFreak is an outstanding website for dubbed and subbed anime movies. The website is always regularly updating its list of content. You’ll find the best animes on AnimeFreak and it offers them all for free.

One of the unique features of AnimeFreak is that most videos are not affected by buffering. The website hosts video on fast servers and with a good internet connection, you won’t feel a buffer effect when streaming on AnimeFreak. This website offers both anime and manga series for free. You can access AnimeFreak on web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave Browser and UC Browser. AnimeFreak is also friendly for mobile devices, you can access it on Android and iOS.

14. 4anime – https://4anime.gg


Rounding up the list of websites to stream anime online for free. One of the best options that shouldn’t go unmentioned is 4anime. If you’re looking for a website that’ll let you stream anime in English subbed and dubbed formats. 4anime is the right option to consider. This website offers anime movies online for free, it is a place to enjoy your favourite animes.

You can stream any anime titles on 4anime in clear HD. The website offers HD-quality streaming and you’ll find fast servers as well. 4anime is an outstanding website for streaming anime online for free. The website is completely safe and you’ll be able to stream any quality anime for free.


Now that you’ve seen the best websites to watch anime online. Hopefully, you’re able to enjoy any of your favourite anime online for free. These websites are always available to be accessed anytime, they offer free anime, anime in good quality, and you’ll get dubbed anime as well. They’re the best websites to watch anime for free.

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