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How to Borrow Money From Zenith Bank (2023)

If you're looking to borrow money from Zenith Bank in Nigeria. Here's how to apply for Zenith Bank loan in Nigeria via easy steps.

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Have you thought of applying for a loan as a Zenith Bank Customer? If yes, then you’ll know how to borrow money from Zenith Bank in this article you’re reading on NaijaKnowHow.

Almost all commercial banks offer loans and Zenith Bank is also a commercial bank. Taking a loan from them is quite feasible, and if you don’t know the way out. Here’s a short guide you can follow.

There are different ways to take loans online, you can apply for a loan from Microfinance Bank. Digital Banking Apps also give loans, and lastly, there are various loan apps one could take loans from. But if your preferred choice is Zenith Bank, then let’s get right on with this article.

How to Borrow Money From Zenith Bank

To borrow money from Zenith Bank in Nigeria, first, you need to know the type of loan you want to take since there’s more than one. Zenith Bank offers salary advance loans, student loans and so on. But to get the actual loan to apply for, you should check the loans you’re eligible for first.

Zenith Bank Loan Requirements

  • A salary or corporate account with Zenith Bank
  • BVN
  • Good credit score
  • You must have received steady credit income in your Zenith account.

Zenith Bank Loan Types and Requirements

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Here’s an overview of some of the popular loans you can apply for as a Zenith Bank customer. Although there are over 15 different loan types, these are the common ones. You can also read their requirements as well.

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This type of loan is meant for parents or guardians who need quick cash to pay for their child or ward’s tuition fees. A minimum of 100,000 and a maximum of 5,000,000 could be granted for Educational Loan.


  • Minimum Facility amount N100,000
  • Maximum Facility amount N5,000,000
  • School fees will be paid directly to the child/ward’s school.
  • Maximum tenor of 3 months (Junior School) , Maximum tenor of 9 months (Tertiary Institution)


  • Completed Application Form
  • Parent/guardian must have a salary account domiciled with the bank.
  • The child/ward must have an account with the bank.
  • Invoice of school /tuition fees
  • Salary Advance – Sorting short-term financial needs is why there’s a Salary Advance loan. With this type of loan, you can borrow up to 60% of your salary even before it arrives. It’s one of the best for salary workers.
  • Personal/Consumer loans to finance personal needs.
  • Asset acquisition/Car Loans to finance the purchase of vehicles or acquisition of household assets.
  • Mortgage Facility – This is designed to fulfil your aspiration to purchase your dream house with ease.

Steps to Borrow Money From Zenith Bank

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If you want to know how you can borrow money from Zenith Bank in Nigeria, follow the simple steps below to get started. The good news is, you don’t have t use USSD Code to apply for a loan from Zenith Bank. You can take loans from their website and once approved, it’ll be disbursed into your zenith account.

Step 1: On your web browser, copy and paste this link (https://realtime.zenithbank.com/retailloan) into a tab. This link will take you to the loan application page on Zenith Bank’s website.

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Step 2: Once the page has loaded, you’ll see a category of loan requests. Select the type of loan you want to apply for, then enter your BVN to confirm your details.

Step 3: After entering BVN and making sure you’re confirmed, on the next page, you’ll need to fill in the details of your next of kin. Click on the submit button to proceed to the next step.

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Step 4: Now you’re one step closer in your quest to borrow money from Zenith Bank. In this step, you’ll need to enter your financial information and submit it to see the eligible loan offer for you. Select the amount you want and submit, if you’re approved, the loan will be disbursed into your Zenith Bank Account.


Taking a loan from Zenith Bank is that easy and with the steps we’ve provided in this article. You’re good to go as a Zenith Bank customer who needs a loan. It is always a good option to repay loans on time, if you do, your chances of getting higher loans next time might not be limited.

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