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How to Change Display DPI Scaling on Windows 11 (2023)

Learn how to change display DPI scaling on Windows 11 and improve your visual experience. Follow our easy guide to customize DPI scaling.

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Windows 11 has some cool customizations, and one of them is adjusting the display DPI scaling. You know, the measure of how many pixels are on your screen per inch. With more and more high-resolution displays out there, it’s become essential to tweak the DPI scaling for an optimal visual experience.

Changing DPI scaling on Windows 11 is super important not just for those with vision problems but also for people who want to adjust the display size. It makes everything easier to read and access. But, figuring out the right settings to tweak can be a little tricky for newbies.

Thankfully, Windows 11 has different options to modify DPI scaling, including a recommended setting based on your display resolution. So, in this article on Naijaknowhow, we’ll show you how to change display DPI scaling in Windows 11. We’ll use effective methods that’ll help you customize it according to your preferences and improve your visual experience.

What is Windows 11 DPI?

Have you ever wondered why the text and icons on your computer screen look bigger or smaller? It all comes down to DPI – Dots per Inch. This basically measures how many pixels are packed into one inch of your display screen. So, the higher the DPI, the smaller the pixels, and the more compact everything appear.

Sometimes, the automatic display scaling settings in Windows 11 may not give you the perfect look you’re after. That’s when you need to get your hands dirty and adjust the DPI manually. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds!

How to Change Display DPI Scaling on Windows 11

Windows 11 has an awesome feature that lets you adjust the DPI scaling of your display. This means you can make everything on your screen bigger and more readable, which is great for those of us who struggle with poor eyesight or just prefer larger text.

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When you first start using Windows 11, the DPI scaling is usually set to 100% (96 DPI), but you can easily change this to suit your needs. Just follow the simple steps we’ve laid out below, and you’ll be able to customize your display settings to make everything appear just the way you like it.

Steps to Change DPI Scaling on Windows 11

Below, we’ll explore the steps to adjust the display DPI scaling on Windows 11. Let’s get started immediately!

  • Open Windows Settings by pressing the Windows key and the letter “I” key together on your keyboard.
  • Once inside Windows Settings, click on “Display” from the right-hand side menu.

Windows 11 Display

  • Under the “Scale & layout” section, locate the “Scale” option and click on the drop-down arrow icon next to it to access the display DPI scaling options. You can then select the desired DPI scaling from the available options.

Change Display DPI Scaling

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After finishing the steps to modify DPI scaling, remember to close the window and reboot your computer so that the alterations can be implemented. Make sure you do not overlook this final step for the changes to take effect.


Adjusting DPI scaling on Windows 11 can greatly improve the visibility and usability of your computer’s display, particularly for those with high-resolution screens or visual impairments. With the steps provided, you can change your DPI settings to suit your individual preferences, allowing for a more personalized and enjoyable computing experience.

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