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How to Check If Your Infinix Phone And Battery is Fake Or Original

Post contains tips on how to detect a cloned Infinix device and battery. See more details below;

How to Check If Your Infinix Phone And Battery is Fake Or Original | Here’s is how to check for fake or original Infinix battery or Android device.

Counterfeit or fake products cannot be utterly curbed in Nigeria, it’s alarming the rate at which fake phones and accessories flood the mobile markets. Today, I’ll share with you a very useful tip that’ll help you detect fake Infinix smartphones and batteries.

A lot of peeps have fallen victim of purchasing fake device. Some months ago, a user shared his bitter experience how he bought a fake Infinix Note 2 LTE in Onitsha all in the name of getting it cheaper.

No one is perfect but following this helpful guide, there won’t be any case of buying fake Infinix devices. Here is how to know if your Infinix phone and battery is fake or original.

How to Check If Your Infinix Phone And Battery is Fake Or Original


Before you begin, you need to get your IMEI and VC Number.

  • For IMEI; dial *#06#
  • For VC number; Check the battery or phone, It is usually written below the battery
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Steps to check if your Infinix is Genuine or Fake

  1. Go to infinix verification tool
  2. Input your IMEI and VC number
  3. Click the submit button and wait for result

You’ll get an info if your Infinix is genuine or fake. The same applies to the battery.

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