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How to Block or Deactivate Bank USSD Code in Nigeria (2023)

Ever misplaced or got your phone stolen? Here is how to stop, block or deactivate bank USSD code from working on your stolen phone/SIM card easily. Learn more here!

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Losing one’s expensive smartphone hurts really bad, but let me tell you what hurts more… it’s losing one’s money afterwards. Yes, that hits differently! Are you aware that your money can be stolen if you don’t take the necessary steps to protect your account? Contained in this article is a list of all the USSD codes to cancel or deactivate the bank USSD code from working on your stolen phone/SIM card.

For those doubting Thomases, check out the following quotes below, these are real experiences of users who experienced this.

In June 2020, a Twitter user quoted First Bank asking “How does someone steal over 200K from an account in your bank without access to your ATM cards, your pins, USSD pin code and such, and with only access to your SIM card!? The theft was happening, no email! How!!!?”

In May 2020, a Twitter user named Olumide tagged EFCC and ICPC for help. He posted, “@officialEFCC and @ICPC_PE kindly help me with illegal transactions in my account yesterday, my phone got stolen around Oshodi under bridge and they started using USSD code in my sim cards to transfer money out, with @ZenithBank bank, I have never use USSD code kindly help me.”

If that doesn’t convince you enough, here’s another user who complained in a Twitter post in December 2020 about his wife’s phone being stolen and all her funds stolen through the USSD code.

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If you’re still confused as to how your money can be stolen, here is a video below for you to take caution.

Here’s a video translation for those who don’t understand the Yoruba language spoken in the video above:

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ussd fraud video translation
Video translation (Source/Twitter User)
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I hope these are valid reasons up. A word is really enough for the wise, I’d be disappointed if you or anyone around you fall victim to this cheap theft after reading this article.

What should you do knowing that this fraud revolves around your SIM card?

The ultimate solution is to protect your SIM cards by activating a SIM lock. I will cover that in a separate post which I’d post and link at a later date. However, banks have started to provide ways to block, cancel or deactivate the functionality of this code with or without your phone. That said, let’s delve right into this article on Naijaknowhow!

List of Codes to Block or Deactivate Bank USSD Code From Working on Your Stolen Phone/SIM Card

If you (or anyone around you) lose a phone, here are all banks’ USSD codes to prevent losing the money in your bank account. The thieves steal victims’ money from their bank accounts using USSD. So in case anyone loses their phone around you, quickly help them to deactivate the USSD profile to his/her bank account by dialling the below codes from any phone.


USSD Deactivation Code

Access Bank *901*911#
Ecobank  *326*911#
FCMB *329*911#
Fidelity Bank *770*911#
First Bank *894*911#
Heritage Bank *745*7#
Zenith Bank *966*911#
GTBank *737*51*74#
Keystone Bank *7111*911#
Sterling Bank *822*911#
UBA *919*911#
Unity Bank *7799*911#
WEMA Bank *945*911#
Note: When you dial the code from any line, you will be asked to enter the phone number you want to deactivate, and that settles it.

How to Reactivate USSD Code on Your Bank Account

When you have retrieved your stolen SIM, you can proceed to your bank to ask for assistance in reenabling or reactivating the blocked SIM card. I hope that clarifies this!

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That’s how to deactivate all banks’ USSD code from working on your missing or stolen mobile phone, this help stop thieves from stealing your money without your notice. This currently works on Access Bank, Ecobank, FCMB, Fidelity Bank, First Bank, Heritage Bank, Zenith Bank, GTBank, Keystone Bank, Sterling Bank, UBA, Unity Bank and WEMA Bank. Another surefire way to protect your bank account is to block your account or perhaps, activate the SIM lock. There you go!

Don’t forget to share this post to help someone out there not fall victim to this. Kindly use the share button below to let other people find this article through your social media platforms. Let us know via the comment box below if you have questions or clarification. Thanks for reading!

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