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How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus (Hard reset guide)

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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus are definitely one of the best smartphones in the mobile market at the moment. However, no phone is above errors and glitches.

In this article, I want to share with you practical steps that would help you restore your Samsung S9 r S9+ phone to default if you ever hit a brick wall — such as when the device is frozen or not functioning how it’s supposed to.

This function is known by several different names — hard reboot, hard reset, and force restart, to name a few — but they all mean the same thing.

So let’s get right in.

How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+

One of the easiest methods to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S9 is to do it through Settings menu. It will erase all your files, applications, contact list, images, videos, SMS, songs, etc. Ensure that you have created a backup first.

Steps for how to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S9:

Step 1: Slide your finger across the home screen to open application section.

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Step 2: On application tray tap on “Settings” menu, then choose “Cloud and accounts”, and then tap on “Backup and restore”.

Step 3: Now tap on “Back up my data” and “Automatic restore” to choose the desired setting using sliding button.

Step 4: Now go back to Settings menu by tapping on the Back button on the screen.

Step 5: Next, tap on General Management menu, go for Reset, and tap on “Factory data reset”.

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Step 6: In this step, scroll the screen down to the bottom and tap on Reset, and then “Delete All”.

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Step 7: In case, you are asked to verify your Samsung account, enter your password and press “Confirm”.

Step 8: Now just wait for your Samsung Galaxy S9 to finish the factory reset. When this is done, your phone will reboot and you will have to set it up from scratch.

Sometimes, your device could only be frozen. In this case, you don’t need to carry out a factory reset. So here is what to do instead.

How to Hard Reboot a Frozen Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+

Performing a hard reboot on a Galaxy S8, which is identical to the process of hard rebooting the Galaxy S9. Image Credit — Gadgethack
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To perform a hard reboot on your frozen S9 or S9+, simply press and hold both the volume down and power buttons for about 10 seconds. Let go of the buttons once the screen goes black, and your device will automatically reboot on its own.

So there you go. Using the comment box below, kindly let me know if this guide helped in hard resetting (restoring) your smartphone?

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