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How to Install Georestricted Apps & Games on Apple Store

If you can't download some apps and games from Apple Store due to country or region restrictions. Here is a guide that'll help you out.

It’s very annoying when you try downloading an app from Apple Store and you search the app just to see a not available in your country written under it. Well, there are many reasons why it happens like that.

Sometimes developers who make apps and games do set restrictions to their apps and they can decide which country users are eligible to download their apps and games, Just like how it is on Google Play Store, if you have an email account created with a Nigerian IP address, automatically you’ll be restricted to some apps and games that are only available to USA or UK users. sometimes people use VPN, but it barely works.

If you’re using any of the Apple smartphones, and you see some apps or games you need are not always available for download due to your location, in this article I’ll be showing you a short tutorial on how to install geo-restricted apps and games from Apple store.

How to Install Georestricted Apps and Games

Some people might be familiar with this, but to those who have no idea, kindly take a look at the short easy guide that has been written below to help you out.

Step 1 – Go to Settings, then look for iTunes & App Store (Your Apple ID) under it, you’ll see View Apple ID option, click on it and proceed to step 2.


Step 2. Once you’ve clicked on View Apple ID, you’ll be prompted to log in your Apple ID again, so input your email address and password to proceed. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll now see options to ‘Country/Region’ click on it to change to any country you want, but I’ll recommend USA.

Install-Georestricted-Apps and Games

Step 3. Once you’ve changed the country, now click on the agree option shown at the top right corner on your screen, after that you’ll be asked to fill in a billing address, if you have anyone who lives in the state, or any country you used, Ask for their address or generate an address randomly. Once you added the address, now save and close the settings, then launch Apple Store again, you’ll see the apps and games you often see have changed to a different one.

Install Georestricted Apps and Games


There are many reasons why you should change your country/region from your Apple ID, there are lots of apps and games you’d be surprised to see on USA Apple Store compared to your country default store, hope you found this article helpful.

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