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The way we send and receive files on Windows PC is one of the easiest ways especially if the sender or receiver is an Android device, we can easily use the Bluetooth option or connect through the USB cable and move what we want.

It’s a bit different on Mac OS, the way at which we can send and files receive files is different especially if when we have an Android device, though there still ways in which one can send and receive easily.

In this article, I’ll be listing some software’s that’ll let you send and receive files from your Android device to your Mac PC and vice versa.

3 Softwares To Send And Receive Files Between Android and Mac PC

1. SHAREit


SHAREit is one of the best file transfer app for Android, it has a lot of feature’s that’ll let you send files easily from your Android device to another, or your PC. This software also works on PC’s as well and you can use it on OS like Windows, Linux and Mac. the steps on how to set up SHAREit between Android and Mac is shown below.

How To Use SHAREit

  • Make sure you have SHAREit on your Android and Mac PC, now launch the app on both devices, tap on the receive option from your Android device, make sure you also clicked on send/connect from your Mac. Then click on connect to PC from your Android device.
  • Once your Android device begins to scan for available signals, make sure your Android device camera is pointed to your Mac PC for quick QR code scan.
  • Once the scan is complete, now you can drag and drop files between the two devices, it’s as simple as that.

2. Handshaker


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Handshaker is one of the best software out there to manage your Android device from your Mac PC, it’s a very convenient software to use, it’s fast and makes the accessibility of files from your Android device much easier. How to use this software is written below.

How To Use Handshaker

  • Download and install Handshaker on your Mac PC, make sure your Android device is connected to your Mac via the USB port, now launch the Handshaker.
  • Your Android device will be detected, then the driver will begin installation on your Mac PC, wait till the installation gets completed, once done you have to disconnect and connect your Android device again.
  • Once connected, you’ll see all your Android folders from the Handshaker Software, you can now move files in and out through the Handshaker software.

3. AirDroid


AirDroid is the perfect software to make remote connection between your Android device to your Mac PC, this software lets you gain control of your Android device from your Mac, you can access all files, call logs and contacts, you can even activate remote control option to gain full control of your Android device, how to set up AirDroid is written below.

How To Setup AirDroid

  • Download and install AirDroid on your Android device and Mac PC, once you have done that, you need to create an account, then log in on both your Android device and Mac PC.
  • Once logged in. you’ll see some options that need to be enabled, enable them and you can access your Android device from your Mac PC, from that process you can send and receive files easily with no stress.


With the software programs listed above and also the setup guide, you can easily transfer files from your Android device to your Mac PC, you can also use these software programs on your Windows PC as well. I use AirDroid to access my Android device from my Windows PC.

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