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How To Get a USA Number in Nigeria (3 Best Methods) In 2023

Here's an article with detailed methods on how to get a free USA number in Nigeria. With this article you'll learn how to get a free US number to make international calls and text from Nigeria for free.

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Having a USA number in Nigeria is one of the best ways to gain access to certain websites that have geographical restrictions towards countries like Nigeria. Or maybe you have a friend or family in the United States and you’ll like to communicate with them without having to spend much airtime on international calls.

With a free USA number at your disposal, you’ll be able to text, do both audio and video calls with your friends or family in the USA, and in today’s article on NaijaKnowHow, I’ll be showing you 3 good methods on how to get a USA number in Nigeria.

Having a USA number also makes it easier if you’re into online surveys because at times these survey-based websites are only available to a few countries like the US, UK and some European countries, therefore you’ll need to have a US number for verification. And you can also use it for business purposes and if you’re a freelancer, you can use it on some of the best freelancing websites out there.

In addition, another amazing benefit of getting a USA number in Nigeria is to solve the Google 2-Step Verification or Two-Factor Authentication issue. For those familiar with Google 2FA, you’d notice that you can’t use this security feature if you’re accessing your account from Nigeria. When you try, you will be hit with the error message “Invalid number, try again“. If you constantly encounter this message, you can easily get it fixed by following the methods on how to get a USA phone number.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

What to Note:

You have to understand that these numbers are virtual phone numbers, you can read one of our articles on the best virtual phone number apps on Android and iOS. Virtual numbers don’t come with sim cards, and the only way to access them is via email and password on the app you registered them on.

3 Methods To Get a USA Number for Free in Nigeria

To get a USA number for free, there are some things you’ll need to have at hand and they’re:

  • Working email address and password
  • A good VPN (Can be Free or Paid) you can check out some of the Best VPN Apps on Android and iOS on a previously published article here on NaijaKnowHow. You can also see our free VPN apps that work as well here.
  • USA Area Code (it’s a code that is assigned to all states in the USA, each code represents a unique type of phone numbering system) you can check them out by searching on Google.
  • Location Changer App (Optional in most cases).
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Method 1: Getting a Free US Number via Google Voice App

Get USA Number in Nigeria with Google Voice

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This is the best way actually but it’s only suitable if you already have maybe a friend or a family in the USA. Google Voice number works on any website and it’s even everlasting and it can make unlimited calls. So let’s see how to get a USA number with Google Voice App.

Steps to get a USA number with Google Voice App:

  • Open your VPN app and connect to any USA location, then after connecting to the preferred location. Open your Gmail app, then click on the right topbar icon, then scroll down and click on Add Another Account > Click on Google > Click on Create Account. Input your details and use your Nigerian phone number to receive the OTP Code.
  • Once you’re done with that, now you’ll need to download the Google Voice App, you can download it via the app button below. But make sure the new email you created is the default email on your Google Play Store App.

Google Voice
Google Voice
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
  • Now launch the Google Voice App, while you’re still connected to your VPN. You’ll be asked to pick the email you want to sign in with, use the newly email you created. Then you’ll need to select the location you want the USA number from, you can choose anyone.
  • After selecting the location, you’ll be asked to input a number to receive OPT code. For this, you’ll need to reach out that your friend or family to provide their real USA number, then once they give it to you, you can input it in and the OTP code will be sent to it.
  • Once you get the OTP code, input it and your account has been verified successfully. Now click on your profile in the Google Voice App and you’ll see your USA number there. You can use the Google Voice App to make calls and also text for free.

Method 2: Getting a Free US Number With Textnow App

Get USA Number in Nigeria with Textnow

Textnow is another app you can use to get a free USA number in Nigeria. This app is very good but it has a very strong firewall and even some of the best VPN apps can’t bypass its firewall, but you can still bypass it by using VPN apps that are not too common. You can check the steps below to know how you can get a USA number on Textnow.

Steps to get a USA number on Textnow:

  • Connect to a VPN but don’t use any of the following VPNs (NordVPN, IpVanish, Windscribe, ExpressVPN, HMA, PIA, and other popular VPN apps) most times they don’t work. You can use some of the VPNs listed below.
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Developer: AltApps
Price: Free

VPN Fast - Secure VPN Proxy
VPN Fast - Secure VPN Proxy
  • Now Download the Textnow app on your Android or iOS device, then click on sign-up. Fill in your details like Name, Username, Email and password. Then once you’re done, you can now click on the “GET A FREE PHONE NUMBER” icon.
  • Then allow Textnow to access your location, you’ll be given a free USA number based on your VPN location. Once a number has been assigned to you, you can now use the number to text and call your contacts in the US or Canada.

Method 3: Getting a Free USA Number With TextMe App

Get USA Number in Nigeria

TextMe is another virtual phone number app you can use to get a free USA number in Nigeria, this app is easier to set up compared to the likes of Textnow and other virtual phone number apps. Using this app also requires VPN, therefore follow the steps below to know how to get a free US number with TextMe.

Steps to get a free US number with TextMe:

  • Download and install the TextMe App on your Android or iOS device, you can do that via the app icon below

Text Me: Second Phone Number
Text Me: Second Phone Number
  • Connect to your VPN, then open the TextMe App, create a new account or use your Gmail app to sign up.
  • Fill in the required information if you’re not using Gmail sign up option, then claim any of the displayed numbers on your screen.
  • You’re done, now you can have a free USA number to make calls and also text friends and families or business associates in the US.

Other Ways To Get a Free USA Number in Nigeria

If you’re not satisfied with the listed apps above, there are plenty of alternatives you can use, some of these alternatives are a combination of Apps and Websites you can register on and get a free US number, you can check them below.


With the above methods, I’m sure you’ll find it very easy to own a USA number with your presence in the US, and with the USA number, you can call any of your friends or family over and also save the cost of making international calls from Nigeria. Don’t forget to leave a comment and also share this article with friends, it might be very helpful.

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