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The Google Chat Application Will Be Free Starting in 2021!

Previously only available to G Suite users

At the end of 2018, Google announced that it would replace its Hangout application with two new applications, namely Google Meet and Google Chat. Well, currently the two applications have also been officially launched.

However, unlike the Google Meet application which can now be used for free by Google account owners, it is known that the Google Chat application still requires users to have a G Suite account which is none other than a subscription service from Google for business and professional users.

Google Hangouts, Meet, and Chat (photo / Google) applications
Google Hangouts, Meet, and Chat (photo / Google) applications

But recently Google has provided information that it will make the Google Chat application free for all Google users starting in 2021. Users can use the Google Chat service from services such as Gmail or from its standalone application.

“Google Chat presents several features like Hangouts, starting from Direct / Group Messaging with various additional features such as Send to Inbox, faster search, emoji reactions, and also recommendations for replies,” said Google.

These features are not even different from what Google Chat users with G Suite currently get. Of course, this allows many people to use Google Chat to communicate more easily and quickly.

It seems that Google is giving away its Google Chat service to compete with the popularity of Slack and Discord which are now widely used by workers, especially those who are still working at home or Work From Home (WFH).

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