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How To Economise And Manage Data Subscription On Android To Make It Last

You have to stop wasting data..here are 13 important tips that will help you economize data (megabytes) on your smartphone.

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set up wifi on android


Some of us subscribe and after some days, whoop, it’s all gone! folk, did you know that you might be dishing out free data in your neighbourhood.

Many non tech savvy individual still have a problem with this feature, knowing what it truly does. I will give you a break down.

If you intend to share WiFi with friend then do this…

A. Enable Bandwidth Throttling:

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This feature  enables you to share limited bandwidth with friends, you can restrict users to your desired data speed for instance; you can share only 18kb/s. See image below.

B. Block Users:

Quickly block intruders stealing your Wi-Fi connection, by the way, this must have been your mistake because you didn’t do the tip 3 below.

C. Set Wi-Fi Password:

Always set WI-FI password before enabling your hotspot. This is a very big mistake some of you make. Learn to set password, see How-to guide below..

How To Setup Wi-Fi Network On Android


  • Navigate to Settings
  • Click more and click tethering and hotspot.
  • Click Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Click Set Up Wi-Fi Network
  • Give it your preferred name by typing in the Network name box.
  • Tap on security, a drop down box should appear showing None/WPA2 PSK. None should appear in default which means network is open so choose WPA2 PSK to enter your preferred Network password.

Tip 1: Make sure the password is alphanumeric, a combo of numbers and letters(upper and lower cases) that should be hard to guess by friends.

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