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How To Economise And Manage Data Subscription On Android To Make It Last

You have to stop wasting data..here are 13 important tips that will help you economize data (megabytes) on your smartphone.

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mtn night plan data usage


This notification can be set in data usage option, it’s a warning notification you get when you’ve exceed your set data over a specific period of time.

Why do i need this? It serves as a warning sign to inform you that you’ve exceeded your monthly data limit. This is helpful when you are using your mobile internet because not all the network providers gives you a warning message displaying the amount of data you’ve consumed over certain period of time so this feature is pre built-in all Android device to notify you instantly.

How To Set Data Usage Warning On Android


  • Go to settings
  • Click on data usage option
  • Tap on the network option used to browse.
  • Switch on mobile data
  • Set data limit by dragging the horizontal bar up and down till you get your desired data limit.

NB: When this limit is reached, you should get a notification on your notification panel.

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