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How To Economise And Manage Data Subscription On Android To Make It Last

You have to stop wasting data..here are 13 important tips that will help you economize data (megabytes) on your smartphone.

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You can hardly find a smartphone without WhatsApp, WhatsApp is a chat application that allows one to instantly send and receive messages, share files, media and lots more.

WhatsApp also have a way of helping you to exhaust your data if you didn’t put some things right. WhatsApp will automatically download pictures and videos shared with you via groups or private chats. So it’s paramount you reset your WhatsApp auto-media download to not download these media files without your permission.

Secondly, if you’re the type that uses WhatsApp calling feature then you might as well follow the procedure below to reduce data usage on WhatsApp calls.

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Lastly, belonging to multiple groups can be very interesting but the negative side is, be ready to give up a lot of data for it. If you want to conserve data, try to streamline your groups to only very meaningful and useful ones.

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How To Stop Auto Media Download  & Reduce Call Data Usage On Whatsapp


  • Go to settings
  • Click on chat and calls
  • Select media auto download.
  • Tick “Low data usage”. (This helps you lower the amount of data used during WhatsApp call)
  • Then click on “when using mobile data”, then tick the ones you wish to automatically download when using mobile data.

NB: Voice messages are always automatically downloaded.

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