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How To Economise And Manage Data Subscription On Android To Make It Last

You have to stop wasting data..here are 13 important tips that will help you economize data (megabytes) on your smartphone.

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I know someone that is very vulnerable of this, he finds joy in downloading even when he knows I have the updated version of some of his apps. This is indeed a perfect way to kill megabytes, don’t know whether to call it being lazy or being ignorant. Instead of wasting data downloading or updating apps..why not set up Xender/Flash Share so as to collect files and other apps over Wi-Fi. Infact, it’s faster than downloading.

best picture compression apps on android


Image compression allows you to reduce the sizes of pictures using a smart photo minify tool either pre-installed or via Android mobile apps. Pictures taken on Android are usually very heavy, some are as large as 3MB, there are millions of pictures uploaded everyday on our social media pages and apps. Assuming you reduced the size of a 3MB sized picture to about 200Kb, this saves you a considerable 2.8MB amount of data when uploaded on your social media account compared to uploading 3MB, the same case as to when you download them. You can check out how to compress picture on your Android phone without using any application.

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In conclusion:

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In times of limited data subscription and expensive data tariffs, these are some of my very important ways of economising data on Android to make it last longer. So try as much as possible to utilise two or more tips above, you’d be surprise how long your data would last! Let me know if you have some tricks you’ve tried by commenting below.

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