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How To Get CS:GO Skin Without Money?

Learn more on how to get CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) skins like knives, gloves, and the author's modifications of the standard type of weapon without money.

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Every second CS:GO player thinks about how to get rare weapon skins for free. The Internet is simply replete with requests of similar content. And this is not surprising. If only because the last part of the legendary Counter-Strike franchise called “Global Offensive” gained wide popularity in the first years after its release in 2012. And the release of the first collection of CS:GO skins as part of the “Arm Deal” update only reinforced this success. For those who are not in the know, we explain that skins are design modifications of a standard type of weapon in CS:GO. There is a basic set of parameters that, to a greater or lesser extent, affect the cost of a particular skin. The rarer the skin, the higher its price on the main marketplaces.

There are several options…

So, let’s look at several options for getting CS:GO skins like knives, gloves, and the author’s modifications of the standard type of weapon without money. At first glance, it seems that now we will talk about some ingenious tricks. But no! The surest way to replenish your inventory with new CS:GO skins are simply to regularly participate in online CS:GO matches on servers with Valve Anti-Cheat. If you take a responsible approach to the gameplay in competitive mode, you will soon collect an extensive collection of colourings. As a reminder, according to Valve’s policy, you can get up to four CS:GO skins per week as a result of a random drop (falling out of in-game items). Interestingly, in addition to CS:GO skins, you can also get a weapon case, to open which you will have to purchase a special key.

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Nuances of CS:GO “opencase”

“Four skins a week is not that few!” – you say. But do not rush to rejoice. The probability that during the drop you will get expensive skin is very small. As a rule, the skins fall out to players no higher than military or industrial quality. There are a lot of such skins in CS itself, so their market value very rarely exceeds a few cents. However, we also have good news for you. When opening CS:GO chests, you may get a more expensive skin. To try your luck, you need to get special keys that players never get for free. The cost of one is two and a half dollars. Until recently, CS:GO keys could be purchased on the official Valve market or on third-party marketplaces. But in October 2019, the developer released a patch that banned the sale and exchange of keys.

Get CS:GO Skin Without Money

Maybe there are alternative methods?

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In 2022, there are several more ways to get a CS:GO skin without paying a dime:

  • First, you can compete for an expensive skin during CS:GO giveaways. Popular streamers, marketplaces, and online stores do not skimp on trophies and often give away entire sets of CS:GO skins. Major draws can last for more than one week and often include intermediate hands.
  • Secondly, for the very gambling, they came up with CS:GO roulette casinos, where bets are made with CS:GO skins on a colour, combination, or number. Almost all sites of this profile offer bonuses upon registration. As a rule, the amount of the bonus is small and amounts to a maximum of a few bucks.
  • Thirdly, some betting services accept bets on esports CS:GO tournaments, including skins. And finally, let’s remember the services that allegedly give CS:GO skins for completing specific tasks: filling out questionnaires, installing mobile applications, etc.
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CS:GO Trade Contracts

For those who have already accumulated a large number of cheap skins of the same rarity level in their Steam inventory, we recommend resorting to the exchange contracts option. This is a special tool in CS:GO that allows you to exchange a dozen skins of the same rarity for rarer and more fashionable skin. In addition to regular skins, weapons with a StatTrak™ counter can be inserted into a trade contract. By the way, after the release of Operation Bravo, players got the opportunity to add skins from different collections to one contract, which, in our opinion, greatly simplified the crafting mechanics.

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