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How To Leave Annoying Facebook Group Permanently

Facebook group have serve as a means for publishers to keep up with their readers by sharing informative, meaningful and interesting articles. This have further helped bloggers spread the word globally there by extending their reach  worldwide.

However, Facebook group have been surrounded by what I call spam bloggers, these sort of bloggers have no heart and soul for blogging, they just want to make money at all cost…yeah, i know money is the drive but blogging without considering certain circumstances is wrong. How can you hack into a Facebook user’s accounts just for the sake of helping them share and promote their so called blogs via autobots. These kinds of blog usually don’t have relevant and authentic information, some are full of false news and lies just to get people reading them.

Enough of the long stories, am sure you all have been victims of folks adding you up to groups you didn’t sign up for?

Leave Facebook group permanentlyI am going to show you how to remove or leave Facebook group permanently without ever getting re-added back to the unwanted group.

How To Leave Facebook Group Permanently

If you have a group constantly readding after you’ve left and unfiltered the group, then here is how to leave the group for good.

Step 1

Locate or search for the unwanted group, after you’ve found it, open then…

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Step 2

Click to open Group Info, then select Leave Group.

leave Facebook group permanently
Image Screenshot | Facebook Mobile App

leave Facebook group permanently
Image Screenshot | Facebook Mobile App

Step 3

A pop-up as seen in the image below should come up…click and open More Option.

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leave Facebook group permanently
Image Screenshot | Facebook Mobile App

Step 4

Hit Leave Group Permanently (This option will ensure they never readd you to the group and if you only want to stop noticeable but don’t want to exit the group, tap the Turn Off Notification button)

leave Facebook group permanently
Image Screenshot | Facebook Mobile App

I hope you find this tutorial helpful? Now that you know how to leave Facebook group permanently, you can start exiting irrelevant groups from your Facebook page to create useful spaces for more relevant stories on your news feed and timeline.

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