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LG Washing Machine Prices in Nigeria (Updated in 2021)

In Nigeria, one of the most trusted brands in the game is LG. In that light, we'll be looking at types of LG washing machines in Nigeria and their prices also.

Here, you’ll find the list of LG washing machines, their types, technical capacity and their prices in Nigeria.

As long as you have to cover your nakedness, there’s one thing you can’t avoid; and that one thing is laundry. The only exception is for those that don’t wear clothes twice which is actually very rare.

As simple as the word laundry sounds, a lot of people dread it. Most times, it’s because people get busy to the point that there are heaps of dirty clothes waiting to be washed. Worse still, they still have to wash with their hands.

Laundry can be made much easier with the use of a washing machine. Washing machines come in different sizes, systems and are manufactured by different brands. In Nigeria, one of the most trusted brands in the game is LG. In that light, we’ll be looking at types of LG washing machines in Nigeria and their prices also.

Types of LG Washing Machines

Depending on the operating system, these are the various types of washing machines offered by LG in the country. Irrespective of the operating system, there are two options for the entry of the clothes: the top and the front.

  • Single tub top loaders

LG washing machine

In this type of machine, clothes are inserted from the top, and they usually have one tub. They are usually of two types: manual and fully automated single tub top loaders. They come in sizes of 5kg – 17kg which is enough to accommodate a considerate amount of clothes for a single wash. When you’re looking for something very light based on your budget, this is your go-to washer.

  • Twin tub loaders
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LG washing machine

Twin loaders have two compartments; the left one for washing and the right tub for drying. They are mostly semi-automatic and are one of the most common washing machines used in homes. Just like the top loaders, you enter the clothes from the top.

  • Front Loaders

LG washing machine

These are one of the most sophisticated types of washing machines. Once the clothes and detergent are taken in through the front, every other action is taken care of by the machine.

  • Washer dryer combo

LG washing machine

Talk about washing and drying at a go, the washer dryer combo would surface. It also utilizes a front-loading system. It’s a safe bet for areas without much space for both washers and dryers.

Benefits of LG Washing Machines

  1. Energy optimisation: The amount of energy consumed by LG washing machines are optimised for perfect delivery. As a result, they consume less energy which won’t make your electricity bills to go all the way up.
  2. Six-Motion technology: Interestingly, LG washing machines enjoy six types of motion technology to deliver superb washing accuracy.
  3. Innovation: The six-motion technology alone is a sign of innovation from LG. Additionally, LG washing machines also present a couple of other innovative techs such as TubFresh and TurboWash technologies.
  4. Quiet operation: LG washing machines employ a technology known as TrueBalance in order to decrease noise, thus having quiet operations.
  5. Highly Efficient: Owing to the considerable range of clothes that can be washed by the washers, LG washing machines are really efficient.

What to Consider When Buying An LG Washing Machine

  • Size of the washer

The smallness or largeness of the washing machine depends on the zone where you want to use it. In most cases, washing machines are used in the bathroom. So, the size of your bathroom will play a determining factor in the kind of LG washing machine you’ll purchase.

  • Wash Load
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Asides the size, something that’s worth considering is the washing capacity of the washer. LG washing machines come in ranges as low as 5kg and as high as 17kg. For this particular matter, your lifestyle is the yardstick for purchasing the washer with the adequate capacity.

  • Budget

You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you to cut your coat according to your size. Your pocket is one of the most vital roles when it comes to purchasing one of these machines. The most budget-friendly ones are the manual top loaders and the twin tub washers.

LG Washing Machines Prices in Nigeria



Washing Capacity


LG Washing Machine 10C3Q Front loader 7KG N120,000
LG Washing Machine WP-750R Semi-automatic top loader 5KG N55,000
LG Washing Machine WM 10C3L Front loader 5KG N130,000
LG Washing Machine WM950 Top loader 7KG N75,000 – N78,000
LG Washing Machine 8066 Washer Dryer 8KG N216,000 – N220,000
LG Washing Machine WM750 Manual Top loader 5KG N60,000
LG Washing Machine WP-950R Twin tub Semi-automatic 7KG N80,000
LG Washing Machine WM9532 Fully automated Top loader 12KG N247,000 – N250,000
LG Washing Machine WM 1400 Twin tub Semi-automatic 8KG N129,000
LG Washing Machine WP850R Twin tub Semi-automatic 6.2KG N78,000
LG Washing Machine WM9032 Twin tub 8KG N110,000
LG Washing Machine WM1232 Fully automated Top loader 17KG N295,000
LG Washing Machine WP610 Twin tub Semi-automatic 4.5KG N55,000 – N65,000
LG Washing Machine WM1860 Manual Top Loader 14KG N125,000 – N134,000

Next time, when you want to go shopping for an LG washer, you have all the needed information right here.

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