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All Mobile Telephone Number Prefixes In Nigeria

Want to know what prefix your number starts with? See all mobile telephone number prefixes in Nigeria - MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, NTEL etc.

In this article, you will see a list of telephone numbers and their prefixes in Nigeria.

Telephone number prefixes are very difficult to understand. Gone are the days when we only have 0803, 0802, 0805 and 0809. Nigeria is so congested that those generic numbers can’t adequately go round the whole populace.

Have you ever tried to unravel the carrier of a particular number? Numbers such as the ones you’d find below are quite disturbing when you need to call a specific carrier using the same network. I’ve listed below all mobile phone number prefixes in Nigeria as at the time of publishing this article… Although, Constant update shall be carried out to include any new number prefix.

Note about number prefixes below:

Nigeria implemented Mobile Number Portability in 2013, so the number prefix cannot be reliably used to determine operator anymore.

The Mobile Number Portability scheme allows you to port from one network to another without changing your mobile number.

Table of Contents


List of MTN Number Prefix


  • +234-0803xxxxxxx
  • +234-0806xxxxxxx
  • +234-0814xxxxxxx
  • +234-0810xxxxxxx
  • +234-0813xxxxxxx
  • +234-0814xxxxxxx
  • +234-0816xxxxxxx
  • +234-0703xxxxxxx
  • +234-0706xxxxxxx
  • +234-0903xxxxxxx
  • +234-0906xxxxxxx
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List of 9mobile (Etisalat) Number Prefix


  • +234-0809xxxxxxx
  • +234-0817xxxxxxx
  • +234-0818xxxxxxx
  • +234-0908xxxxxxx
  • +234-0909xxxxxxx

List of Airtel Number Prefix


  • +234-0802xxxxxxx
  • +234-0808xxxxxxx
  • +234-0812xxxxxxx
  • +234-0708xxxxxxx
  • +234-0701xxxxxxx
  • +234-0902xxxxxxx
  • +234-0901xxxxxxx

List of GLO Number Prefix


  • +234-0805xxxxxxx
  • +234-0807xxxxxxx
  • +234-0811xxxxxxx
  • +234-0815xxxxxxx
  • +234-0705xxxxxxx
  • +234-0905xxxxxxx

List of NTEL Number Prefix

  • +234-0804xxxxxxx

List of Smile Number Prefix

  • +234-0702xxxxxxx

List of Multilinks Number Prefix

  • +234-0709xxxxxxx

List of Visafone Number Prefix

  • +234-07025xxxxxx
  • +234-07026xxxxxx
  • +234-0704xxxxxxx

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Thanks for stopping by, are there new numbers that aren’t here, kindly share using the comment box.

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