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Best Post UTME Past Question Apps for Android in 2023

Are you preparing for Post UTME (AKA Post JAMB) Exams and do you need past questions apps? Here's a list of the Best Post UTME Past Question Apps you can use for free.

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Post UTME exams are mostly written after UTME (Jamb) has been written, and these exams are mandatory to be sat down for and when passed, one would be admitted into any tertiary institution of one’s choice.

Gone are those days when you’d need to buy UTME or Post UTME Past Questions before you can prepare for an exam. It’s changed now and with educational apps that are out there on Google Play Store, you can prepare for Post UTME Exams on your own without buying a past question.

In today’s article on NaijaKnowHow, I’ll be highlighting the Best Post UTME Past Question Apps for smartphone users, Android users to be precise. These apps are mostly developed to run on Android only.

List of The Best Post UTME Past Question Apps for Android

These apps are free and you can download them on Google Play Store. You can also use them as a news source for getting the latest news on Universities and Polytechnic Exams in Nigeria. They can prepare you for any Post UTME exams in Nigeria and some of them have updated Post UTME Past Questions.

1. JAMB CBT + WAEC Past Questions

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Best Post UTME Past Question Apps

Myschool developed JAMB CBT + Waec Past Questions to help solve the problems that hinder students from preparing for school exams. If you want to prepare for real-life exams like Secondary School and Tertiary Institution Exams, then this is the perfect app you can download and install on your Android device. It’s an app that’ll prepare you for Waec, Neco, JAMB and even Post UTME exams in Nigeria. You’ll find different past exams and they have both objectives and theories.

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The myschool app has a dedicated section that’ll let you answer past questions relating to Post UTME and you’ll find a different list of universities and polytechnics Post UTME Past Questions all waiting for you to be answered. You’ll only need to pay a token of N1000 Naira and you’re good to use the app for as long as you want.

2. Post-JAMB Screening Test 2022

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Post-JAMB Screening Test 2022

Post-JAMB Screening Test will let you prepare for any Post UTME exams in Nigeria, and the app covers past questions from both universities and polytechnics. It’s a completely free app and you can also use this app to prepare for exams like WAEC, NECO, GCE and so on. You’ll get both objectives and theory questions in this app and it’s user-friendly and very easy to use.

One of the reasons why Post-JAMB Screening Test is one of the Best Post UTME Past Question Apss and that’s because it has over 10,000 different past questions and answers for Post UTME exams in Nigeria, you can use the app offline as well, it also works on PC.

3. Jambite

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Jambite is a top app for preparing for exams in Nigeria. This app is one of the few apps that has a lot of past questions and with over 20,000 past questions and answers, Jambite is the perfect app you need to prepare for Jamb, Post UTME and WAEC. On Jambite, you’ll find questions and answers under different syllabuses in Nigeria and the app offers both theories and objectives. If you also want to get the latest news on admission and exams in Nigeria, you can always use the Jambite app.

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Jambite is one of the Best Post UTME Past Question Apps and it has questions from different universities and polys in Nigeria. You can also use the app to check your UTME score after sitting for a UTME exam in Nigeria.


Best Post UTME Past Question Apps

Pass.NG will prepare you for Post UTME exams in Nigeria, so far it’s been one of the best apps you can use for exam preparation in Nigeria and it has a large number of past questions and answers you can study as a student preparing for Post UTME exam in Nigeria. This app also prepares students for UTME exams, it’s very easy to use and one of the coolest things about PASS.NG is that it’s completely free.

With PASS.NG app you’ll be able to prepare yourself for any university and poly exams in Nigeria and one of the nice features of this app is the chat section where you can always chat with other students, it’s one of the Best Post UTME Past Question Apps and it can be downloaded on Android.


These are the Best Post UTME Past Question Apps in Nigeria and they’ll help you prepare for any tertiary exams in Nigeria. Don’t forget to share this article with friends, it can be helpful to someone out there.

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