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How To Record Calls on iPhone (3 Methods) in 2023

If you want to record calls easily on your iPhone. Here's a guide on how to record calls on iPhone easily without doing too much.

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Have you wondered how you can record calls on iPhone? Well, since there’s no default call recorder that comes with the iPhone call app. It is almost impossible to record calls on iPhone without an external support or by running some tweaks.

Call recording is important at times, you might want to record calls in order to have some vital information kept for later use. However, if you’re going to record someone’s call. You should let them know.

So now we’re back to recording calls on iPhone. There are three different methods that can be followed. In this topic you’re reading on NaijaKnowHow, you’ll learn how to record calls on iPhone.

How to Record Calls on iPhone via 3 Methods

If you’re an Apple iOS user and you’ll like to have calls recorded on your iPhone. We’ve made 3 different guides that you can follow below. Most of these methods involve using apps from the Apple Store. Since call recording can be done with apps, we’re going to use one of the best call recorder apps as well.

Method 1: Record Calls on iPhone With TapeACall

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TapeACall is one of the best call recorder apps for iOS and iPadOS users. With this app, you can record calls unlimitedly. It has both paid and free access. To record calls on iPhone with TapeACall, follow the steps below.

Record Calls With TapeACall

Step 1: Download TapeAcall on your iPhone. You can download the app via the app button below. After downloading TapeACall, sign up for an account and proceed to step 2.

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‎TapeACall: Call Recorder
‎TapeACall: Call Recorder
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Step 2: Launch the TapeACall app and allow the app to access your iPhone. A Prompt message will pop up, tap on OK to grant permission.

Step 3: Now to record a call, you’ll need to launch the TapeACall app, and then click on the “Record” button. You can enter the number you want to call or select manually from your phone’s address book.

Step 4: After entering or selecting the number you want to call. TapeACall will initiate a call on the number, and then you’ll see a prompt message telling you to merge calls. Tap on “Merge Calls“. Once the call has been merged, TapeACall will start recording calls on your iPhone.

Method 2: Recording Calls With Google Voice

Google Voice is another great open you can use to record calls on iPhone. It is one of the best virtual phone number apps out there. You can use Google Voice to create a free USA number and the app also does a great job in call recording.

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record calls on iPhone

To record calls on your iPhone with Google Voice app, kindly follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is download the Google Voice app from your Apple Store. Or you can quickly download it via the app button below.

‎Google Voice
‎Google Voice
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Step 2: Launch the Google Voice app, then sign in with your Gmail account. That’s if you have a Google Voice account already. If not, you can read one of our articles on how to get a USA number in Nigeria.

Step 3: In order to record calls with Google Voice, you’ll need to Enable Call Recording option first. To do that, go to the “Settings” menu. Under the “Calls” tab, check the box next to “Enable Recording.

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Step 4: After enabling the call recording option on the Google Voice App. Now all you have to do is place a call. Once you’ve placed the call, press 4 to initiate call recording. Your calls will start recording immediately and once done, you can access your recorded calls via Voicemail & Text section in your Google Voice account.

Method 3: Using Built-in Voice Memo App

The last method doesn’t require you to download or install any app on your iPhone. You can record calls on iPhone in the easiest way possible thanks to the Voice Memo app. To record calls with Voice Memo app on your iPhone, kindly follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Voice Memo app on your Android device. Then click on the Record button to start a new recording.

Step 2: Once the recording has started, open your Phone app, then dial the number of the person you want to call.

Step 3: Once you’re done with the calling, go back to the Voice Memo app, then stop the recordings. Once it has been saved, you can access it via your list of recordings.


That’s all on how to record calls on iPhone. All the methods provided in the article are straightforward. However, if you’re unable to record calls via any of the apps used in this guide. You can always try a different call recorder app, all you need to do is refollow the steps because they are almost the same.

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