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How To Register Your .NG and COM.NG Domain Name

In this article, I will walk you through the steps involved in buying a .NG or .COM.NG domain name here in Nigeria. Read on to see how to buy a domain name and hosting with a NIRA accredited hosting company.

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Well done! You have decided to register your .ng domain.

But in case you are still confused on whether to go with a domain ending with .ng then go on reading.

I know, registering a global domain such as .com or .org for your next website or blog is probably your first choice.

But if you are starting a website or a blog for Nigerian audience then not registering a or .ng domain would be a foolish mistake. From my experience with my website, I can say that starting my website with .ng domain proved to be a great decision.

So if you are now convinced then you would probably be looking for a Domain Registrar to register your or .ng domain.

I’ll ease your search!

I was in your exact shoes when I wanted to register my first domain because most of the foreign providers like Godaddy, Namecheap don’t provide services for Nigerian domains like and .ng.

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My search led me to DomainKing.NG who offered the cheapest domain and were also accredited with the Nigerian registry. So, I registered with DomainKing.NG for ₦999 and I haven’t been disappointed with my choice to go with them.

Today I register all my domains with DomainKing be it a .com or a Nigerian domain like or .ng domains.

Why I use DomainKing.NG?

  1. Accredited with NiRA: NG is an accredited registrar .ng Domain Registry (NiRA) that is a government body responsible for managing .ng cctlds in Nigeria.
  2. Best Pricing: Being an accredited registrar and having direct tie-up enables them to offer best prices for domain in Nigeria. Currently, the is available for N999 and .NG for N8899 that is cheapest in Nigeria.
  3. Very Fast Support: I have always been a fan of DomainKing’s quick and helpful support team that has always helped me whenever I needed them.
  4. Free Emails: Free emails are worth it if you run a blogger blog and don’t want to pay extra for emails. With Every domain registered at DomainKing, come 2 free email accounts. So, even if you run a blogger blog on your domain, you can get an email such as you[dot]
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Still confused? Then points below will make your mind.

Benefits of using .ng domain?

  • Rank Higher on Google:

Google has now started to concentrate more on local results so, registering .ng domain will be the best option in terms of SEO if your website is for Nigeria.

  • Cool names are still available :

Almost all the good global domains have been already registered. If you are just starting out, then chances are you are not going to get a domain name of your choice under .com. But if you look into country specific domain extensions such as or .ng then you can find a lot of good names.

  • Connect with your Audience:

Having a .ng domain extension will directly tell your visitors that your blog or nature of business is for Nigerians and you will be able to connect better with your audience.

Steps to register your ng domain

Step 1: Check Domain Availability:

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Visit DomainKing.NG or directly go to their ng domain search page to check if your name is available. Here you need to enter your domain name that you want to buy and click on Search button.

If your domain is available then you will see it as available. Your search will show .ng for N8899 & for N999. You can then select the name that you want & also select the number of years for which you want to register it. I advise you to order it for 1 year.

Step 2:  Add a Web Hosting Plan

You will also need a web hosting account where all the files of your blog or website will be hosted. And you can get it with DomainKing. Their hosting plans start from as low as N300/mo & come with a free domain.

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Note: If you just want a domain name without web hosting then navigate to last step of payment.

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Click on [No Hosting! Click to Add] to add a web hosting plan for your website. You can start with a Soldier Plan that comes in just N3600 for a year.

Click on Order now and on the next page select ‘use the domain already in the cart’

Select the Hosting plan for your domain, you can start with the Soldier Plan that comes in just N3600.

Once done, you need to click on Continue to Final Checkout Page >> as shown in the below screenshot.

Step 3: Review your order and Register your account

Review your order and register your account with them where you will be able to login and mange your domain.

Tip: Add coupon DKNGHOST20OF at the bottom of the page to get 20% off on your hosting order.

Create your account and set a username & password for your account:

Step 4: Select your payment options (Pay in Naira)

At the bottom of the page, you will be able to choose a payment method. Select VoguePay if you want to pay using your debit cards such as Verve or Visa Card.

Bank transfer/deposit is also available in case you want a more convenient way.

Once done with selecting your preferred option, you need to click on Complete Order and then pay your invoice by following on-screen instructions.

You will receive the domain and hosting details on your registered email.

Don’t forget to renew!

You will probably register your domain for 1 year when you are buying it. So don’t forget to renew it after 1 year or it will expire & your website will not work.

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