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How To Remove Background From Signature (Best Methods) in 2022

This article will teach you how you can remove background from signatures while using your smartphone or PC.

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You might have been in a situation whereby you need to process a document with a signature on your smartphone or your computer, even after scanning the signature or editing it before placing it in the signature area. You’ll notice the background doesn’t really blend well with the background of the document you want to handle.

This can happen if you’re using a PDF Reader or any office apps on your Android device or PC. But there’s a solution to that and we will be glad to provide the solution for you. If you want to know how to remove background from a signature, this article on NaijaKnowHow will give you the proper guidance you need.

It’s quite straightforward and there are a few methods you can use in getting this done without delays. Even with your smartphone or PC, you can get rid of the backgrounds that appear under your signatures and thereby making it look unmatched with the document you’re applying the signature on.

How To Remove Background From Signature

With no long talk, this process is not that long and since the signature you want to remove its background is just an image, there are online tools that’ll let you get rid of any background that is affecting your signature.

Method 1: Remove Signature Background with Fotor.com


This is the first recommended method you’ll like to apply if you want to remove background from your signatures. This website is an online photo editor that allows photo editing to be carried out for free, and it has a lot of tools that can be used for free as well. But one important feature it has is that you can use the online tool to remove backgrounds from images and also signatures, and it does that very easy.

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So to know how you can use fotor.com to remove background from your signature, all you need to do is follow the step below and within a couple of minutes, you’ll successfully get rid of backgrounds that affect your signature.

Step 1. To get started, copy and paste this link on your browser tab (https://www.fotor.com/features/remove-background-from-signature/). Then once the page has opened, click on Get Your Transparent Signature Now and it’ll take you to the editor page.

Step 2. Once the page has opened, you’ll need to upload the image of the signature in which you want to remove the background. Once you’ve selected the image and uploaded it, it’ll begin to remove the background automatically.

Step 3. Once done, you can now press the download button and the image will be downloaded on your device, fotor.com also offers the chance to change the background on signatures, so if you’ll like to change your signature background, you can easily get that done as well.

Method 2: Using Apps To Remove Signature Background

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If you don’t like the first method, then maybe you can try the following apps, they offer the best alternative to removing any background from signatures. The apps are available for both Android and iOS users.

  • Apowersoft Background Eraser

Remove Background From Signature

Apowersoft Background Eraser is a great tool you can use for removing background from any images, it’s very effective and it offers a lot of features as well. This app will remove background from any signature and it does so easily, you can download it on Android and iOS via the app icons below.

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Apowersoft Background Eraser
Apowersoft Background Eraser
Developer: Apowersoft
Price: Free
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  • Pro KnockOut

Remove Background From Signature

Pro Knockout is also a great tool to use as well, it allows users to remove background from signatures and it’s very easy to use. This app has different features and you can download it on your Android and iOS device.


After reading this article on how to remove background from signature, I hope you did find it helpful and don’t forget to leave a comment behind if you have any questions relating to any of the given methods.

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