Samsung Invests $40 Million to Develop Harry Potter Game

With this massive investment, Samsung is teaming up with Niantic to create an exclusive Harry Potter game for Samsung phones.


Generally, Samsung flagship phones are notable for impressive gaming experiences. To beef up their status in the gaming world, the Korean OEM is investing as much as $40 million in American AR company, Niantic.

Niantic, an American software company, is notable for its focus on the development of Augmented Reality (AR) games. Games such as Ingress and Pokémon Go are two of the company’s major mobile games powered on iOS and Android.

With this investment, Samsung is teaming up with the American software development company to create an exclusive Harry Potter game for Samsung phones. Reports suggest that the game will allow the Galaxy S-Pen to function as Harry’s magic wand.

While I’m still wrapping my head around how this (S-Pen as the wand) can become a reality, it’s noteworthy that Niantic has had the Harry Potter game in the works for a while. Specifically, the game is to be named Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Though that’s the title of Niantic’s forthcoming game, it’s not sure that’s the same name Samsung’s exclusive Harry Potter name will go by. It could be different, and it could be the same.

As part of the deal, Samsung will have a special edition of one of Niantic’s mobile AR games, Ingress. It is unlikely to see Pokémon Go included in the deal because it’s the creme de la crop of Niantic.

Neither Samsung nor Niantic has openly announced the investment as they’re looking forward to smoothening the technical nitty-gritty of the collaboration.

Earlier this year, Samsung partnered with Epic Games to cook up exclusive contents on the Fortnite game for their premium smartphones. Adding this new investment to the equation, it’s lucid that Samsung isn’t joking about smartphone gaming pleasure.

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