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Best Loan Websites to Borrow Money Online in Nigeria (2023)

In this article, you'll discover the best online websites to apply for personal or business loans in Nigeria.

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Are you looking for the best loan sites to borrow money online in Nigeria? I guess that’s a yes and if you’re reading this banking & finance topic on NaijaKnowHow, you’ll get to know some online platforms that loan people money.

Applying for loans isn’t a new monetary move in Nigeria, we’ve seen some of the best loan apps like Fairmoney, Branch and so on giving loans to people. Even these day’s you’d get a loan from digital banking apps and some top fintech companies.

But have you ever thought of applying for a loan from a website in Nigeria? if you have or haven’t, we are here to tell you that there are websites you can loan money from in Nigeria, be it for business purposes or personal loans, we’ve handpicked those websites for you below.

List of the Best Websites To Borrow Money in Nigeria

Note: There’s no affiliation between NaijaKnowHow and any of the curated loan platforms. We will not be held responsible for any unforeseen circumstances, kindly read our DISCLAIMER PAGE to understand our position regarding this listicle.

1. SMEDAN – smedan.gov.ng

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sites to borrow money

Starting off with this list is a government-backed agency where every eligible Nigerian can apply for loans, there are different type of loans you can apply for on SMEDAN, and their loan type ranges from personal loans to business loans, one thing to keep in mind is that loans don’t come directly from SMEDAN.

As an individual seeking a loan offer, SMEDAN acts as a middleman between you and the microfinance bank you’ll be taking your loan. Loan applications are mostly carried out on SMEDAN and you must have a registered business to get started, this is one of the best sites to borrow money in Nigeria.

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2. GROFIN – grofin.com

sites to borrow money

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GROFIN is a platform where both small and medium enterprises could get a business loan. This website has been offering loans to Nigerians, and most African countries and you can get a loan ranging from 1 million and above, the sole purpose of GROFIN is to help small and medium business owners grow their businesses.

Although there are some terms and conditions to which an individual must agree, there are business documents that require submission, but anything else apart from that. There’s nothing wrong with applying for loans from GROFIN.

3. Carbon for SME – https://sme.getcarbon.co/

Carbon for SME

Formerly known as PAYLATER, Carbon is a very popular digital bank/fintech group in Nigeria, their SME loans offer a way for business owners to grow their businesses in Nigeria. Carbon for SME offers loans for businesses and you could as low as N20 million without collateral, repayment is very flexible and it’s one of the best you’ll find in Nigeria.

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Loans from Carbon are always fast and quick, if you’re hoping to get a loan for your business, this is one of the best websites you can use.

4. Zedvance – zedvance.com


Zedvance is a financial solution provider in Nigeria where anyone who needs a loan for their business can apply for a loan and get a repayment period of up to 18 months. This website offers some of the best loan plans for business owners and you could a loan amount of up to 5 million naira.

There are different types of loan plans on Zedvance and some of their loan plans include Zedvance Nano, Zedvance Payroll and Zedvance Business, the Zedvance website is one of the best sites to borrow money in Nigeria.

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5. Lidya – lidya.cz/ng


Lidya is a foreign company in Nigeria that has one aim for business owners. What Lidya stands for is very simple, it’s a website you can visit, register an account and get a loan, there are different loan types on Lidya and these types of loans might just be suitable to expand and grow your business.

Getting a loan from Lidya doesn’t come with any collateral attachments and instantly you’ll get a loan to your bank account. If you have a good credit score and an account with a good statement of account, Lidya might just be the right place for you, Lidya has one of the best sites to borrow money in Nigeria.

6. KIAKIA – kiakia.co


KIAKIA is a financial marketplace where getting loans has been made possible for non-business and business owners. This is one of the best lending platforms in Nigeria and it works as a peer-to-peer platform. Getting a loan from KIAKIA simply means your loans have to be funded by someone or a group of investors.

Being a peer-to-peer lending platform, getting a loan from KIAKIA might not be as easy as you think because since your loan will be funded by another person, the business you’re getting the loan for must be the type that’ll yield the income quickly.


In conclusion, these are the best loan sites to borrow money in Nigeria, with these websites you can apply for a business loan without collateral. Just make sure you have a registered business and a good credit score, and then getting a loan from any of these platforms won’t be an issue.

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