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The United States Asks Allied Countries to Stop Using Huawei Phones & Equipment

US has summoned its allied nations to quit the use of Huawei phones and equipment. US Intelligence authorities sees the company's products as contributors to espionage.

The United States of America has summoned other nations in alliance with them not to use equipment produced by Huawei anymore.

In August, Donald Trump, the President of the USA signed it into the law that US officials are forbidden to use Huawei products. It was part of the country’s Defence Authorisation Act which included the prohibition of ZTE devices being used by US officials.

Now, the world’s most powerful country doesn’t want its allied forces to use equipment manufactured by Huawei. US Intelligence authorities view the Chinese manufacturer’s products as a possible medium of espionage.

Uncle Sam believes Huawei’s telecommunications equipment are produced under the eyes of Chinese’s Community Party, hence, increasing the ability for the country to spy on them covertly.

More so, FBI, one of US Intelligence authorities pictures the former occupation of Ren Zhengfei, Huawei’s founder as a further risk. Ren Zhengfei was a member of the People’s Liberation Army of China.

Based on reports, countries with US military bases such as Italy, Germany, Japan and others have been contacted to quit the use of Huawei devices.

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Additionally, US plans to grant financial assistance to countries that will cease to implement these telecommunications equipment. The financial backing is to serve as an aid to these countries to develop their telecommunications equipment in their countries.

Extensively, the power struggle between the US and China doesn’t seem to be cooling down anytime soon. It’s left to see how Huawei will respond to this new shift of focus.

To you, our readers, what’re your reactions to US’s request to ban Huawei phones and equipment in its allied nations? Let us know in the comments section.

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