5 Ways to Utilize an Old Smartphone that is Still Good

Smartphone models that keep changing which make people interested in buying devices with the latest tech. Here are 5 ways to utilize old phones.

old smartphones

Smartphone models that keep changing which make people interested in buying devices with the latest technology. Here are 5 cool ways to utilize old phones.

Selling an old smartphone is usually the first choice, but there are times when users are reluctant to do so for some reason, for example, the smartphone is a gift from a loved one or has a lot of memories attached to it.

It’s just that… electronic objects, if not used for a long time will be damaged. To avoid lying in vain, use an old smartphone that is still good for these five things, as quoted from the CNET page :

Utilizing an Old Smartphone that still Works

1. Music and video player

apple music on Samsung android

Take advantage of old smartphones that still function well as music players. Eliminate all unused applications and users can enter many songs or music applications.

Users can also use their old smartphone to watch videos. Enjoy listening to music or watching without being interrupted by phone calls or incoming messages.

2. Wireless mouse

If you feel uncomfortable with the touchpad mouse on a laptop, use an old smartphone as a wireless mouse. Users must download additional applications such as Remote Mouse.

Users need to connect smartphones and laptops to the same internet network to use this wireless mouse.

3. Baby surveillance camera

Older smartphones can be an alternative monitoring camera at home to see the baby’s activities while parents work or are in another room.

Install Skype on both smartphones, or use applications to monitor babies such as Dormi and Cloud Baby Monitor.

4. Home surveillance camera

Alfred Home Security Camera
Alfred Home Security Camera

Not only for babies old smartphones can also be transformed into home surveillance cameras while the owner is working.

The user must download a security application such as Alfred, then place the smartphone in the place with the best view range.

5. Remote control

Some smartphones support remote control applications for various home appliances, from television sets to room air conditioners.

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